This foreshadows later events when they befriend a child molester simply because he has marijuana. Ya don’t do that. If any of you have any questions or concerns, Jillian is gonna be my eyes and my ears for the rest of the day. I got everything under control. Excuse me, excuse me. Let’s get to it.

How bad is it? You know what, we are doing this Because it’s cute, it’s fun, and if you don’tOh, God. Yeah, I wanna know why. That’s an American word, right? What is it about me that no one respects? So, for this blog I will lay out the basics of the show:

Okay, look she is fired, okay?

Fine, you know what? Workaholics is essential slap-stick, stupid, stoner humor while Seinfeld is more clever tan it is witty. In the two-minute cold open a main plot is foreshadowed. UK English – England. I know, she’s like our air bud, golden receiver. Workaholics Take it sleazy.

You should fire some other dummy. Says that Jillian is going around firing people. What is it about me that no one respects? So I’m not going anywhere until I hear it come from her sweet, pursed lips.

Nobody actually listens to me. Nevertheless, in this episode Blake agrees to cover for Jillian but he asks Adam if he will stand in line for him at the zombie video game release.


One matter of opinion I would like to address is that I sometimes feel like Adam is trying too hard. Wait, we haven’t figured out the pajama thing. Hey, you know, I’m just here talking and Why the fuck are there no Reese’s pieces? So if you wanna keep your jobs, you might wanna go get on those pajamas. She’s a real friend to me. Perhaps it was because I was paying more attention to Jetset since I knew he had recently passed away, but he really cracked me up this episode.

I have an idea. For instance, in an episode I recently re-watched from Season 2 the guys all wake up with horrible hangovers. She’s got a big picture to take.

Log in or Sign up. Rudy says, “when you leave the third string kicker in the quarterback’s position, someone’s gonna get sacked. Jetset played one of the many smaller roles that helped make Workaholics such a hit.

Get off my back about it, Ders, I washed her. Hey, listen, these these onesies.

take it sleazy

Episofe I’m killing myself. And you know what? Oh, do what he says, Blake. Previous Episode Next Episode. Donald Trump these fools. I can’t take it. So I’m sorry, but you’re gonna have to clean out your desk.


Workaholics s02e06 Episode Script | SS

Oh, man, she’s smells so good. You should’ve put me in charge. I’m wearing a Top Gun hat, for God sakes. All I’m saying is that you don’t episod the mound on a girl.

Workaholics s02e06 Episode Script

The problem is that the child molester must be stopped; so, the guys set him up to meet at their house. Your name or email address: Jillian, go ahead and give this guy a cigarette, ’cause I’m about to light him up.

You can have one more.

I couldn’t hear you guys either. Ya don’t do that. Plain potato chips, really? When am I gonna have time to read magazines? It smells terrible, Blake. See, I just got a call from Montez. Kind of like how I like my men.