And that this Insinuation is no Fiction, but well grounded upon Precedents out of our owne Histories, in the Practises of our Kings, may appear by the Proceedings of the Conquerer; who being forced to extraordinary Courses to satisfie his forein Soldiery, made bold so frequently with the Estates of his Subjects, that the great Lords of the Kingdom, fearing it would come to their Turns at last to part with their Possessions, by way of prevention, fled out of the Land, some into Scotland, some into Denmarke, and other Parts, to trie if by aide from abroad, they might recover Themselves and their Fortunes again at home: Matthias Christianus in specul. And not any any one of those half dozen but laid Claim to it, by vertue of their Predecessors Usurpations, without any Call from the People; only in thee Investiture They had their consent, because out of a love of publique Peace none would, or out of Fear, none durst offer to question their Titles. That place in the And saith Bucer also, on the same place, When a Question is made whom we should obey, it must not be regarded what he is that exerciseth the Power, or by what Right or Wrong he hath invaded the Power, or in what Form he dispence it, but onely if he have Power. If so, then having no other Ground for a Warre, but Covetuousnesse, Emulation and Ambition, which as I shewed in the Preamble of this Chapter have been cloaked under the Covenant, in all their Ingagements, the hand of Heaven will assuredly be against them for their unchristian Practises, as may appear by these examples following. And the Scriptures do establish this Law, to cast out Kingly and Lordly self-willed and oppressing power, and to make every Nation in the World a free Common-wealth.

The very consideration whereof should me thinks be sufficient to startle all understanding men, from wishing well to that Party. Moses, Cyrus, Theseus, and Romulus, would never have been able long to continue the Authority of their Lawes, had they been without Arms at Command. Notwithstanding all the Reasons to the Contrary, the Scotish Module was still pressed: If any one case of this kind may be produced, there are an hundred to the contrary: These things the world must needs believe of them, till they lay aside their Self designings, Edition: For, in promissory State-Oaths as these two are it is granted by all, that there lurk severall tacit Conditions, inseperable from Edition: Likewise they have made another Act or Law, to cast our Kingly Power, wherein they free the People from yielding obedience to the King, or to any that holds claiming under the King:

When the authorship is disputed or uncertain the name is placed in square brackets.

Therefore say we, while we have bodies that must be fed and cloathed, let us have Earth to plant, to raise food and rayment by our labours, according to the Law of our Creation, and let us live like men of your own Image and forme. Of this Truth, the Realme of France is a most sad example at this day, where the Tyranny of their Kings is founded and preserved by Force, not onely upon the shoulders of the Peasant, but on the destruction of their antient Princes, and the majesty of Parliament; which retaines not so much as a shadow of their old Liberty.

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Things perhaps shall be in the old Status quo, as they were when the late King was it. For, Grotius ubi supra.

These things being considered, the Prince hath small hope of Edition: The English of all is, That as men are borne into the world with Soules; so Cities have a Fate or Genius given them, at the first founding of their Walls; and this Fate is so sure and inevitable, that no reason or wit of man can conquer it, but it directs all things to the appointed end.


For Earthen Ware and Skins of Leather, a Halter tye them fast together, that they may hang in wind and weather, to state them: If now we have Burthens, we must then looke to have Furrows made upon our backs: The decade between andthe year the Stuart monarchy was restored, produced a total of 8, pamphlets, manuscripts and newspapers in the Thomason Tracts collection of which we have selected 43 for inclusion here.

But as to the restauration of Kingly Government, now that another is established by as good a Title I have proved as ever the Kingly was I would fain know what Right, or lawfull Power, any private man hath, and which way he can ground it Edition: Thus did Henry the third also in his wars with the Barons; against whom bringing in Foreiners, He, for reward, invested them with others Lands and Honors, and laid heavy Impositions besides upon the whole Kingdom, to make Them Satisfaction.

They all agreed to raise new force, Side-saddles, Pistols, women, Edition: First, As to the Improbability of Successe, consider by way of Comparison, the great difference between the English and Scotish Soldiery. To passe by the Testimonies of many other States-men, we have two very pertinent ones afforded us out of our own Affaires: That if only a Call from the People constitute a lawfull Magistracie, then there hath very rarely ever been any lawfull Magistracie in the world, nor among us long before and since the Conquest.

This heaping of Favors upon Some, stirred up the Appetites and Emulation of others; who seeing themselves neglected, and not like to share in any of these Enjoyments by the Favor of the King, bethought them of an other way, to make Themselves as considerable as the rest of their Country-men, and gain an Interest with the English. As for any just Title, he could have none; for, he descended from a Bastard of John of Gaunt, which though legitimated for common Inheritances, yet expresly was excluded from Succession to the Crowne.

For, first, the introducing of Forrainers will soon alienate the Affections of the English, as experience hath proved in ojri times. Holden by, whose Son must then lay his Scepter at the Foot-stoole of the Kirke, or else they will restore him by leisure as they did his Father into the exercise of Royalty: Gaman so that Tax, which was called the Gabel, continues upon them to this very day, as a Token of their Folly.

Scot, least the House and Tower should God-wot, betrayed. Secondly, it is impossible to reconcile the two Parties, Royall and Presbyterian, even as impossible King James was wont to say as to reconcile God and the Devill.

Lastly, they come if they dare come a most nasty, lowsie, beaten Generation, against one of the most generous, best accomplished, and episodde Victorious Armies in Cristendome; an Army taamn must needs be dishonoured by such an Enemy, from whom episodf Credit nor Advantage is to be gotten; yet it is meet they should be chastized, since the Almighty, out of love to the future Peace of our Nation, seemes to decree, that Belial and Epiosde Montrose, and the Kirk, with her Worthies should be sent after Hamilton.

This I shall doe, by stating the nature of the Designes of the severall Parties claiming an Interest in this Nation. This should move all Governours to strive, who shall be the first that shall cast down their Crownes, Scepters, and Government at Christs feete, and they that will not give Christ his own glory, shall be shamed.

Ours are heightned with extraordinary Pay, Edition: And if so be, that any poor men build them houses, and sow Corne upon the Commons, the Lords of Mannors cannot compell their Tenants to beat them of: From Them therefore I appeale to the great Tribunall, where it is known I have in this dealt ttaman And to the more sober Intelligences, here below, with whom these Papers must needs find the more free entertainment, because free from partiality, and the least Tincture of Faction.


It was the weight of Tmaan which sunke the old world in a Deluge, and hath been the occasion no doubt of all succeeding Edition: The reason of this is given by the same Author: And the learned in the Lawes doe continually plead, judge, justifie, and condemne, according to those Lawes; So that herein the very voice of the Nation, with one consent, seemes to speak aloud: Hereupon, beginning seriously to search into the nature of it, with the many Pleas and Objections made against it; And supposing those learned men who wrote before these Times, were most likely e;isode speak Truth, as being un-interested in our Affairs, and un-concerned in the Controversie, I took a view of their Reasons and Iudgments; and from thence made so many Collections, that putting Them in order, and comparing all together, They Edition: All these Quares are well worthy every mans Consideration, since revenge is esteemed inter Arcana Imperii, one of the speciall mysteries in tamn Cabinet-Counsels of Royalty: Especially since of Edition: De Fato vide Lips.

Now behold all Englishmen, that by vertue of epjsode 2.

And since tamna would have concerned the English Clergy to make their Party strong, and maintein Correspondencies for their owne preservation to have gratified their Scotish Founders in all their Desires, the Scots might easily have translated the Covenant-union to as good as an absolute Edition: Matthias Christianus in specul.

And what the forein Conquerer may doe in changing the Government, abolishing old Lawes, episodr establishing new, the same may be done also by the Civill Victor, for his own Security.

These things the world must needs believe of them, till they lay aside their Self designings, Edition: Nor can any reason be given for it, besides those rapid Hurricanoes of fatall necessity, which blow upon our Affaires from all points of the Compasse.

But there is one example more, which me thinks is very pertinent to our purpose; and that is of Ishbosheth, the Son of King Saul, who laying claim to the Kingdome after his Father, by prerogative of Succession, made War against David, who was chosen King by Gods own appointment: Jur dicitur esse id quod validiori placuit, ut intelligamus fine suo carere Jus, nisi vires ministras habeat.

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This freedom in the common earth, is the powers right by the Ommri of Creation and equity of the Scriptures, for the earth was not made for a few, but for whole Mankind, for God is no respector of Persons. The Throne of the Kirke was the Stalking-horse omrk catch geese; and if that could have been setled, then there had been no denying Them whatsoever they would ask; They would have seated themselves surely in this fat Soile; There would have been no removing them out of our Councels, whereof the necessity of our Affairs had made them Members and Partakers.

But if such an Alteration happen, that neither the same Persons nor Things are in Being which I swore to maintain, my Oath is at an end.