Kalo tiada enter night [penonton tertawa], enter night boleh saja kalo ada exit light [penonton tertawa] P. On the other hand, the second statement violates maxim of Quality, here he tries to inform the truth about a legendary soundtrack in Warkop DKI show that most of Indonesian people do not know the name of this song, but in fact he still wrong in giving the information and not telling the truth. Raskin’s theory posits that the text of a joke is always fully or in part compatible with two distinct scripts and that the two scripts are opposed to each other in a special way Anakanak nggak boleh ada yang bayar, biar orang tuanya yang bayar [Penonton tertawa]. The sentence doesn t rise humor effect. Saya tunjukan tempo baris-berbaris dengan biola. Analysis The word analysis derived from New Latin, from Greek, from the word analyein which means to break up or to loosen Derrida, , p. Those maxims will be explained as follows.

Doing pragmatics second edition. Of course, this is not in accordance with maxim of quality rule, and violated it. It is in your room. Here, Dodit told something that believed to be false, how come the violin will have the bad accent, as the audience know that violin is a music tool that don t have accent and it is only producing the sound, the same sound. Dodit is the last child of five siblings and the only man among his sisters. Translation And also the Indonesian people, especially those who are living in the village, they always misunderstood to the soundtrack or backsound, for example playing pink panther with violin [Radit laughs]. Tampilan Baca Sunting Sunting sumber Versi terdahulu. According to Arikunto , p.

In addition, they ignored agreement and sympathy to their interlocutor. Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas. Pengemis itu disimbolkan tangannya di bawah diulang soalnya kalau tangan di atas itu konser [Penonton tertawa], konser sambil ngemis minta mas, minta mas [Penonton tertawa].

Analysis This sentence was violated maxim of Quantity, it is proofed with an unnecessary sentence in the last: My father do not let me chase a kite which has no relation with the second sentence: Show 3 Tema Makanan Slamat malam para kolega. Indonesia saat ini menjalankan kurikulum pendidikan karakter, ada 18 karakter, salah satunya karakter rendah hati, jadi setiap pembelajaran harus disisipi karakter tersebut.

Lagian saya kenal mas Radit minimal kami jadi partner, partnernya mas Ancha [Penonton tertawa]. Dodit violated maxim of quality by telling lies and saying something that is believed to be false by the audience.

The sentence is not necessary to be said because it is not the part of environment definition, but the popular sentence from avatar movie instead. Who s afraid to philosophy. Stand Up Comic G.

Fourth Sentence Sayangnya di desa itu banyak caleg yang melakukan black campaign, kampanye gelap, listrik belum masuk [Penonton tertawa]. The context sand that Dodit wants to inform the audience about the truth of Indonesian sport history. Although this form of comedy so-called standup comedy, the stand up comedian do not always stand in conveying a comedy. Itu karetnya dua, kayak nasi bungkus, itu artinya rasa kakinya pedas [Penonton tertawa].


Ngeeeng [Penonton tertawa] Siahkan turun bu kita sudah sampai. Kalau ditolak kerja itu bisa galau sampai ada lagunya main music hati yang bingung lamaran kerja ditolak enggak tau kenapa kurang syaratnya, mikir-mikir dari pada kumelamar kerja, lebih baik ku melamar kamu, iya kamu [Penonton tertawa]. Saya itu dilahirkan istimewa, saya dilahirkan secara otodidak, saya lahir bidannya baru datang, jadi saya keluar sendiri.

There was found twelve data on the maxim of quantity violation, whereas the maxim of quality violated in thirteen data, maxim of relation is the most frequent maxim to be violated, it is proved by the research finding that it was violated twenty doeit times. Moreover, Dodit has the other purpose by saying these sentence, it is due to Indro-the last member of Warkop DKI who still alive- who became the judge in the audition, and Dodit tries to mock him.

Komunitas Warung Kopi Portal komunitas Bantuan. Analysis This first sentence was violated maxim of Quantity, it is due to the additional sentence in the last of the paragraph which is not necessary, and the sentence is: Pragmatics is the study of language from the point of view of users, especially of the choices they make, the constrain they encounter in using language in social interaction and the effect their use of language has on other participant in the act of communication Crystal in Kasper It teaches us how to apply it in our daily life.

It is due to the last sentence which not related with the sentences before. Standford university press, Diessel, H. Translation Kartini has an aristocratic title, there are plenty of Javanese nobility titles for Javanese women. The context is that Dodit wants to show his majority in environment because he was a bachelor of geography. The total amount of the video is seventeen from the audition until the 13rd show, comesy the duration of each video is for about 3 minutes.


Cara makan saya pun beda dengan anak orang orang desa, orang desa itu makanya biasanya saya makan itu table manner, peralatannya harus lengkap ada sendok, doidt, silet. With analysis, with deep thinking “. The people surround him turn into friendly. Mas tau black campaign? There are friends who always,, fellows who like gossiping, certainly there [one female audience whispering her friend].

Baixar Stand Up Comedy KhatulistiwaTawa Part 1 musicas gratis – Baixar mp3 gratis –

The stanza of Javanese song: If the speaker lies or says something that is believed to be false b. The context comesy still same with the context above, because he was famous and the people turn into friendly he interacts with the other people more often than before, hence, he must be able to control the smell of his reks.


Where twks the car key? When A asks about B s job, B answers, teacher, is enough because the message is delivered. Dodit assumed that all the comics are his idol and inspiration. Analysis Dodit Mulyanto gave the information about how to wear a tuxedo to the audience, but he gave the information that cannot be believed, it is evidenced with his statement a red tie with Tut Wuri.

Ada musik yang disukai para pemimpin, itu music metallica. Kalo tiada enter night enter night boleh saja kalo ada exit light P.

Baixar Stand Up Comedy KhatulistiwaTawa Part 1 musicas gratis

Clarification of the Key Terms Used In order to avoid misunderstanding and misinterpretation of words in this study, the researcher defines the meaning of the following essential terms as follows: In this case, the audience was thinking that Dodit s father didn t allow him to chase a kite because he afraid Dodit will be dirty, tired and looks plebeian.

Kartini itu punya gelar bangsawan, gelar bangsawan jawa untuk perempuan jawa ada banyak yang pertama itu RA, raden ajeng untuk perempuan jawa yang belum menikah, raden ayu untuk perempuan Grice expressed cooperative principle to suggest that in conversational interaction people work on the assumption that a certain set of rules is in operation, unless they receive indications to the contrary.

Rakyat golput bukan solusi, jangan lupa anda harus menunjukan jari servis printer P. He researcher feels that these sentences is not necessary do. Hence, this sentence was violated maxim of Quality. Analysis In this case, Dodit tried to suggest the audience to involve in the general election and don t do abstention by showing his little finger that stained with the ink -the symbol that the person has already elected-,the audiences understand that Dodit call the people.

Trimakasih saya Dodit Mulyanto. Dodit describes his childhood as the black skin children, dull, and loves to play in the rice field. Translation So it delivers any message.

He had to be sung an English song, but in fact he cannot avoid the Javanese song, it is proved by xomedy stanza of the Javanese song in the end of his twinkletwinkle little star. Saya tidak begitu, ada hidangan pembuka, hidangan utama dan hidangan penutup, hidangan penutup isinya pudding dan diakhiri dengan minum wine.