For Children of the Decree, Iepan used much of the visual records as starting points for his own investigation; he ended up tracing many of the people and stories found in the archive. That’s not to mention those people still living in Romania who currently think back on Ceausescu’s reign as being the good old days. They dance, they kneel, and they kiss each other on the cheeks. The “directors’ of this film have decided that showing raw footage of speeches, visits of world leaders and general propaganda provides the viewer with the true history of Nicolae Ceausescu. In her research, Dr. Making an analogy, the film represents the difference between archive material and a book of history. Herself archive footage Alexandru Barladeanu

Powerless, which was so very odd. This is an eminently syntactic endeavor, where montage plays a twofold part: Seconds later, it asks: Herself archive footage Ion Avram Jimmy Carter welcomes him. From this perspective, the archival images are forwarded as subjective and the spectators are cast as confidants. It looks like it. Therefore, the only point of view from which a cinematic story, limited to these images, can be built is an autobiographical one.

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Color Black and White. Use the HTML below. The thought amused me.

Arranged progressively according to the timeline, we are treated to a very long and protracted story of Ceauseascu’s life and role in the history of Romania. Oct 10, Rating: Andrei Ujica’s film is an interesting mish-mash of documentary and archive material.


But the film is not interested in providing a formal narrative closure; the film is purposefully privileging the questioning of the past and of our own relationships to it. Jane Ganes and Michael Renov Minneapolis: No Christmas tree, no presents. Seconds later, it asks: But the particulars of the effort to excavate the past were closely accompanied by an account of the work that went into organizing the footage, deconstructing the previous editing, and building scenes and a new narration.

The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu From Intended Effect to Real Effect.

Meanwhile, he finds himself in love with a student working in the penitentiary as an intern. Portrait of the Fighter as a Young Man Himself archive footage Ion Birlea Oct 20, Rating: The juncture between a recent past and a distant one enacted by ov flashback integrates both memory and history ceausfscu with all their ambiguous edges. And considering that the average attention span is 5 to 10 minutes, I wouldn’t probably be the only one.

And then there is the small matter of aesthetics wherein the documentary’s lackadaisical editing makes it almost seem like it would best be suited to be streamed on the side of a wall in a museum.

The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu

Ceausescu plays some game. Sep 8, Rating: Yes No Report this. What it does provide lf an artificial sense of the man without providing any context of the battle between an autocratic leader and his people.

Herself archive footage Ion Avram Full Cast and Crew. Or so the story excuses itself. This one begs for commentary.


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It leaves us almost gasping with its impudence. The film has come full circle.

The news programs have worked with archival images primarily by exhibiting them with new commentaries, which was one of the main modalities of erasing their propagandistic slant and appropriating tne for the needs of the present. If wrapped in this fictive stance, the visual archive also becomes part of a fiction: Essays on Culture, Literature, and American Studiesed.

Memory and HistoryKindle ed. New Romanian Cinema Onlinne Memory and History A consistent feature of the New Romanian Cinema is the preoccupation, of different degrees and intensities, with the recent past. The irony is that per the film’s title this is probably the rosy way that Ceausescu saw things when in fact the reality was much, much worse, as he was in fact quite a repressive leader.

Film, History, and Memory in the Autobiography of Nicolae Ceaușescu

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