Interspersed with news footage, it’s easy to see how very controversial they were at the time. There was a constant fear of terror coming from the terrorists but also from the state. It won’t spoil it, as it may actually make it a little more coherent as the events unfold. Bruno Ganz as Herold is allowed to play his character in a way that everyone thinks of the German government at the time as a dignified and moderate administration although I don’t believe that to be true after all, Herold said that he can only cure the symptoms of the RAF disease but not the disease itself, yet he didn’t do anything to make the German people understand that the RAF is not altogether wrong when it accuses the German people of laziness, cowardice and complacency. Now, leaving the movie, I figured that there was nothing much left to talk about. Nevertheless the end credits come a little abruptly. The Baader-Meinhof gang was disgusting, but nearly as disgusting as the people they fought.

They take out large wooden sticks and use them as lethal clubs. Which they fought , with all fatal results. Over two and a half hours, I can’t think of any scene or crime that should have been cut. In my eyes, the optimal way to direct this movie would have to treat it like a partly documentary with many original television scenes connected with the presentation of the characters. As I remember, that was one of the main frustrations in leftist circles and not only there The Baader-Meinhof gang was disgusting, but nearly as disgusting as the people they fought. Johanna Wokalek was outstanding as Gudrun Ensslin.

Jet-set was capitalist and thus their opposite social stratum. Bqader make no mistake, all these people are portrayed in less than flattering light.

Of course the film is episodic and there are too many characters in it, most of them are not introduced in any way and ten years of complex history cannot be told in an altogether satisfying way.

El Hombre Invisible Super Reviewer. And the actors do an incredible job. To everyone who lived through the seventies in Germany it is clear that the influence of the RAF on Germany can hardly be exaggerated.

THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX, (rated MA+, with English subtitles).

Made from Der Spiegel editor Stefan Aust’s book-length study, it’s a very comprehensive account and and this very strength is also a flaw: Tom Schilling as Josef Bachmann. I think complrx it is one of the best of the year. Daniel Lommatzsch as Christian Klar. I do recommend it. Nothing more is seen of him! This was a long German film, with subtitles, by a very serious Director, dealing with the potentially tortuous subject of politics, the radicalisation of students in the late ‘s and the myriad gangs, brigades and groups that came out of that period.


People who know some stuff about this will only find the things that they already know and experts on the topic will be horrified about the simplifications and elisions. Once the prison element has been put into meeinhof film it is as if the main point has been lost. Many shots are fired, many bombs exploded, many victims “guilty” and “innocent” assassinated, and many plans hatched and botched.

I know this is a vague review, but if you feel like seeing an intelligent complex drama then you must see this. In short, he crams as many aspects of the story as he can into two and a half hours, giving the audience an abundance of notions to explore during and after viewing. It is then that it starts to go horrible meinhor for the RAF as they are then shot point blank by police and are fighting to remain out of prison.

We are still paying for some of those moronic decisions. Action movie, leaves open many questions rudymovie 30 November A good movie should at least try to explain this development.

Der Baader Meinhof Komplex (The Baader Meinhof Complex)

Still, some amount of humanity is allowed to shine through, and this is what makes the movie SLIGHTLY more than just another empty gesture in the perpetuation of a historical mythos. Keep up to date with the latest media releases from UKZN through various media channels.

That young terrorist strutting down the quaking aisles of the Lufthansa jet in is modelling a very iconic Che t-shirt. Overall, the film does a pretty good job at carrying the story forward at a rapid pace. So watching this movie is simply not more than a check whether the director catches the already existing attitude towards this controversial topic.

And there’s a lot of it. While the movie is already two and a half hours long, it would have needed even another hour to deliver the background for people not familiar with this part of Germany’s history. It doggedly refuses easy ways out, and it has the guts, brains and critical eye to plumb the roots of terror and its bloody consequences. The better scenes e.


It’s almost tempting to discuss The Baader Meinhof Subtites as if it was a documentary. Therefore the dramaturgy is more similar to “real life” than to a classical feature film e. This kind of filmmaking is, obviously, easy to mock, but it has its points. All independence wars in America South to North were basically terrorist groups fighting European Crowns exploiting them.

They aim at the protester’s heads and blood gushes out of men’s as well as women’s heads. We are still dealing with many of the problems that caused the insurgency and civil disobedience back then, yet today we don’t do anything at all.

The beating of the students is a harrowing image that leaves nothing for imagination. If you are from the UK, then this is one subtitled movie that I would highly recommend watching! Being aged, knowing most about the R. All the cast is superb, but Gedeck and Wokalek as the catfighting frump and firebrand are standout. There are some literally killer performances here, most notably Johanna Wokalek as Gudrun.

Meinhoff is the writer of the group. Was this review helpful? While Andreas Baader, co-founder of the RAF, was no stranger subtirles make-up, false eyelashes and tight trousers without underwear, the better to show off that ‘arsch’. Featured is an immense amount of violence, which is often graphic. The movie looks great, as it should be expected.

As for this being good or not, that is perhaps a little more subjective, as it may depend on your opinion of the RAF. Bonnie and Klaus in Wild West Germany. It focuses largely on three figures: They hold signs and shout in German their angry protest of the American involvement of Engllsh.

THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX, (rated MA+, with English subtitles). – Free Online Library

There are a few caricatures, but mostly the failures of character development in the movie have to do with the lack of time given to each character on screen. That being said, the film does a great job in thhe this time back to life by rushing through the most important events in a really exciting and interesting way, following the most important characters on both sides of the law.

It doesen’t make it.