The implication is that Sachar can do what Melville couldn’t do. You forgot your password and you need to retrieve it. Hopefully he does because it does seem like a cool community to be a part of, too bad I wouldn’t be too into it. It will be a summer that Alton will not soon forget. Views Read Edit View history. I guess in a way if you like to be confused and twisted through an unpredictable plot, you’ll like this book. Show 25 25 50 All.

I just don’t know. That said, there was still a lot about this book that put me off. Teen books Frank Cottrell Boyce reviews. Trapp initially berates Alton for his lack of knowledge on bridge and for not sorting his cards into suits when reading, causing them to be penalised. This book was well, unique. His car broke down so he got a new one. He does warn you ahead of time that he will be giving explanations and even puts a little picture of a whale to warn you, but being curious I would read through it anyway.

For me, seeing The Cardturner finally in print, it felt like there should be an orchestral swell of inspirational music. It took me a while to figure out how to come at it, but then I got the idea of having a teenager assist his blind great-uncle as he played bridge, and that idea worked.

Delacorte will thr the novel with a ,copy first printing. Alton is seventeen and heading into the summer before his senior year and hasn’t made any many plans. I thought the balance of Bridge and narrative was well done; it’s obvious that the game is a complicated, intensive beast but Sacher did an amazing job of simplifying it enough that I’m half-tempted to give it a try because it sounds li Alton is prodded by his parents into assisting his rich great-Uncle Lester as his cardturner while he plays Bridge so that when Lester passes, cardtirner write them into his will.


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I’m going to tell anyone who’s reading this right now: In general, I get a sense of completeness from this book that satisfies me, though I doubt it will ever be a real favorite. Then his books started selling well enough so that he was able to quit practicing law. Click here to access the password we have on file for you. So his publishers must have been pretty excited when his new manuscript came in.

Like Melville, Sachar really sweats the metaphorical potential of his subject. Oct 04, Kameron Nettleton rated it it was ok.

Maybe a wise-voiced, young, zippy reader could’ve saved the whole thing, but as it is, I’m going with the Goodreads resounding “C” grade, “It was okay. She was named after her Uncle Lester. I have no more understanding of how bridge works than I did in the first place there was a valiant effort on the part of So Louis Sachar wrote a novel about bridge.

Apr 13, A. List of bidding conventions.

Toni plays a game of bridge with Alton, Leslie and Cliff, who despite not taking the game seriously, instantly attempts to befriend Toni. Trapp initially berates Cardhurner for his lack of knowledge on bridge and for not sorting his cards into suits when reading, causing them to be penalised. This lead to a good relationship. The descriptions of a teen’s emotions when seeing a girl wave or smile at him are well done and meanin This book was On a somewhat related note, I hope this leads to more people playing bridge.

May 19, Cara rated it liked it Recommends it for: So is The Cardturner one big bluff or is he really holding all the trumps? That was nearly a deal-breaker, but I stuck with it. At the service, Alton asks Toni for another game of bridge at the club, where they play substantially better than the first time. There are long passages explaining the game.


I wrote the play, as well as the lyrics for the music. Alton is looking forward to a bleak summer. As Uncle Lester might say, nicely played, Louis. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

The Cardturner mmovie Louis Sachar. That said, I still give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

These are marked with a whale icon so that you can skip them if you want to and cardtudner followed by a brief summary so that you can get the gist if you do skip. He is best friends with Cliff, who recently started dating Alton’s ex-girlfriend, Katie. It’s light and deft and clever through the device of the narrator writing his story after the fact, a overused and much-abused technique.

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To subscribe, click here. Feb 17, Kassandra rated it really liked it. Sachar finds that what the recently dumped teen and the cardturned old man have in common is boredom.

Alton reveals that cardtudner would have meant his “I-love-yous” and “your-my-favorite-Uncles” if he’d said them after he became Lester’s cardturner, but he doesn’t seem to feel any guilt about the fact that his mother was shoving herself into Lester’s life and being rude to those he cared about i.