They will act as disguisers to reclaim their country. It has been a long time since i watched this drama. I also appreciate all the remaining cast: The funny thing is, most of the characters these actors play in The Disguiser are opposite of their roles in Nirvana in Fire. It is a conflicting character, the most complex of the batch and his relationship with Wang Man Chun is bittersweet. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The planning of the covert operations are as good as the strategic moves for the power in Nirvana. And he aims, quick as lightning – Ming Jing gasps and jumps in front of Ming Lou

I heart Ming Lou. But life goes on. She is especially overprotective of Ming Tai and often spoils him. Personal I probably still love NIF a tad bit more. And Ming Jing, who hits him. She is kinda silly and always put the mission in jeopardy… and we already have Yu Manli ready to sail her ship. The soldiers approach, are almost upon him

She is especially overprotective of Ming Tai and often spoils him.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here So late to the party i see but yeah it was worth all the hype…though my favs r ming lou,ah cheng,mingjing,and refiew manli.

Disguiser posted by Anne J on October 16, 4 comments. Hu Ge is very good imo in The Disguiser and it is a completely different character….

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This drama introduced me to Jin Dong, and just for his character Ming Lou, it became a must watch drama. Notify me of new comments via email.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. To the international audience, Nirvana was better known and more popular; to the domestic Chinese audience, both drama were received with almost equal enthusiasm. I hope to see them reunites draama. It’s only them and Tengtian now. During the second half, we diaguiser left worried and wondering. The script was inspired by the novel’s characters who have multiple identities, with many skills to transform and camouflage in a variety of scenarios; and hence the television series’ title.


And he is ready, as his love for the country is great.

The oldest brother, Ming Lou is the patriarch of the Ming household, while geview holding many important positions and connections in the Nationalist governmentCommunist Party of Chinathe Reorganized Governmentand the Japanese government, although not many know his true intentions and loyalties. Wang Tian Feng kidnaps him and makes him undergo arduous training at a Nationalist Party Kuomintang military school.

Will definitely consider checking it out after I get through the epic disguisser that is NIF. Haha I thought that was a hilarious yet apt way to describe the power balance in the family. Who else is involved, and who can they ask help from?

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The soldiers approach, are almost upon him Did you think we’d get a happy ending? Email Facebook Twitter Google Tumblr.

Skip to content Home About Us. Lots of character development and I liked seeing him mature whilst staying true to his personality XD Like Liked by 1 person. As for Ming Lou, he is a supernova all on his own.

It is war drama, and people can die. Overall, except for Jin Yun, I loved the whole cast of this drama: Just finished this epic drama.

Ah Cheng has a lot of great moments been a cute puppy. Ah Cheng revlew my little puppy! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here August 12, at 8: Yes, you will need tissues.

The first episode starts very strong, with Wang Man Chun killing her underlings after discovering there are spies in the office. Overall a great drama.

Thanks for the review! It’s a no-way-out situation rrama. Drama AvenueX August 14, disguiser 4 Comments. I attempted to fill the gaping hole that Nirvana in Fire left in my heart with The Disguiserthe most obvious choice because of the cast. However, it was less methodical and a bit messier — for Nirvanathere was a checklist of ministers and powerful people to expose, but for Disguisereverything depended on what the Japanese were doing and what they knew.


If they get disguisfr, everything will be over. The already rsview man, Ming Tai? After completing his training, Ming Tai returns to Shanghai to carry out a series of covert operations against the Japanese. The happy picture does not last because the wheels start turning towards the grand finale.

This page was last edited on 22 Februaryat The planning of the covert operations are as good as the strategic moves for the power in Nirvana. Nothing can ever take the place of Nirvanabut The Disguiser comes pretty close.

There’s a war to win. There was more romance in Disguiserbut I sisguiser this took away from the drama. Ying Zheng who would later be known as Emperor Dusguiser Shihuang was a great figure in Chinese history, arguably one of the best known emperor Notify me of new comments via email. Masterpiece would love to see more developed. I’ve caught up until episode Aired back to back, both produced by the dizguiser same company and crew, including directors and the main actors.

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Only knew Hu Ge when I started this series and knew nothing about the plot. She has become crazed and ruthless, yet alluring enough that I cannot look away.

The Bad Guys group while disguisdr stunningly weak are all very into their character and gave a nice experience to the viewer: