Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Kim Kap Soo Supporting Cast. Under her instruction, Mu goes to East Gate to collect on the money owed by Hwang and offers East Gate to buy the ,nyang ship for , nyangs to cover the , nyang loan and 50, nyangs interest; he offers to loan money to East Gate. The Great Merchant Trailer2: When Man-deok asks Senior Foreman Go to honor her promises made to the crew, she asks for authority to make adjustments that would leave no one short changed, but Senior Foreman Go won’t make concessions. Views Read Edit View history.

Repeated rule breaking will result in warnings followed by blacklisting upon non-compliance. He finds both companies equally qualified and awards the contract with the lowest bid. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Han Jae-suk will be taking on the role of Kim Jung-eun ‘s first love, Hyeon-woo. Yoo-ji threatens to take the company from Moon-seon not to play him again, as she knew Man-deok would be at the docks when she sent him. As the ship nears Jeju, Dong-ah sees government officials waiting at the dock. Lee Mi-yeon who confirmed the power of woman with KBS drama ‘ Merchant Kim Man Deok ‘, will act as the main character in “Royal Family” , who becomes the head of a conglomerate after many happening. Kim is the first to arrive on Jeju Island.

Pan-sool sabotages a ship line, but Dong-ah sees him on board. Man-deok negotiates the crew’s pay out of Hwang’s rental fee that would be provided every time Hwang’s ship was chosen as the tribute transport vessel if they get the transport contract.

When Pan-sool mentions Moon-seon’s talk of Granny as the real authority of East Gate, Granny advises to not listen to the cunning, manipulative girl.

More [ChanMi’s star news] Lee Mi-yeon’s cute expressions on the set! Kim was born on Jeju Island. Granny advises Man-deok to let the Foremen handle the bid. A watchman who was away to relieve his bladder sees Pan-sool and Yoo-ji.

Although he cannot publicly acknowledge her as his daughter, he gives her written documentation of merchaant birth registry and bestows upon her the name, Kim Man-deok. Kang vows that wherever she goes will end up like East Gate. Read and leave comments. He recommends investigating only the limited people who had resources to acquire the contraband.


Granny demands that Mu allow them to have proper mourning observance by bringing his body back to East Gate. Kim’s biological mother, Yi Eun Hong, does not tell her father, Kim Eung Ryul, about her pregnancy, as he and his clan could be punished by execution for inappropriate conduct during his exile. Kim’s former childhood friend, Oh Moon-seon feels a sense of inferiority and underhandedly competes with her as head of West Gate Market Brokers.

The gamblers beat Hwang. While Hal-mae tries to get Kim removed from the gisaeng registry, she finds that Kim’s gisaeng foster mother and the Assistant Magistrate killed Yi Eun Hong, Kim’s mother. Geosang Gim Mandeok ; lit.

Lee Jong-suk takes on the role of goody-good boy Jeong Hyeok, a college student who is a favorite of all the female students, Granny gives Pan-sool the task of finding new veok for the staff.

Episode 17 [ edit ] Kang Yoo-ji discovers e;isode Assistant Mercant Choi Nam-gu is not merely inspecting the ship, but searching for Kim Man-deok on board; however, he does not discover her. Hyeon-woo is a perfect hotelier who doesn’t allow even the smallest mistake as general manager in the hotel where Soo-nam Shin Hyun-joon is.

Hal-mae learns of the plot and in the process of finding Kim, the two are “caught”. Myo Hyang tells Moon-seon that anyone selling Jeju black cows on the black market will get in big trouble because the black cows are sacred for consumption only by the royal family and the hides are only for use at royal funerals. Man-deok is convinced that East Gate needs the tribute goods transport contract to build strength and security.

Anticipating his rejection, she finds loan shark Mu Maeng-dal who made a loan to Hwang with the new tribute ship as collateral.

The sailors are angry that the company is reneging on the money promised by Man-deok to repay their six months’ wages owed by Captain Hwang. Rather than leave Kim, Dong Ah agrees to become her servant and protector.

Settings Remove ads Sign up. While sailing back to Jeju, Jang realizes that Man-deok is a woman pretending to be a sailor. Man-deok’s high standards and business ethics cause her business to thrive, while Madame Oh’s jealousy and resentment of Kim, as well as her greed for wealth and power, eventually lead to her demise. Community hasn’t filled out any information yet.


Han Jae Suk Main Cast. He is angry about the bad luck of having a woman on board. After discovering a talent in business and commerce, she later became one of the most successful female merchants on the island. Han Jae-suk said his best friend Jang Dong-gun gave him lot of advice, Sign merxhantthen a subscribe button will show up.

A black cow rancher is interrogated and admits to releasing black cow goods without permission from the Magistrate’s office because a man claiming to be the senior foreman of East Gate said it was urgent and promised to bring the release order grat. The Magistrate gathers the goods again. She assigns the gisaeng Yoha to tell Assistant Magistrate Choi, who tries to intimidate the inspector. They want to lower the crew’s wages to enter a more competitive bid and still make a profit.

The Great Merchant Kim Man Deok

The inspector sees Pan-sool. Moon-seon invites Granny to work for West Gate, but Granny refuses. Agreements have been made on both sides but the contract is yet to be signed, She wants Lord Jung to make sure that Man-deok’s father, Fpisode Eung-ryul, inspects the vessel and finds the contraband. Chok-sae’s millet wine persuades Jang.

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Dong-ah tells Granny that Man-deok was left at Woodo. The real Kim Man-deok rose from the Her management drew a vreat on the phone with My Daily on the 5th, saying, “The rumor is getting bigger, but it’s not true”. One of Korea’s favorite child actresses, year-old Shim Eun-kyung, will once again be stepping into a childhood sageuk role; she’ll be playing the younger counterpart to Lee Mi-yeon’s title character