When Pepper gets too old, The Saddle Club is faced with the difficult task of finding a way for an old man and an old horse to enjoy a useful old age. Season 2 Episode Max is jealous of the show’s director Jerry who happens to be Deborah’s ex-boyfriend. Add the first question. With everyone busy Melanie and Ashley set out to ride an uncontrollable horse named Angel who seems to have a problem of running off with her riders. Veronica tries to convince Kristi that Chelsea is just trying to scam her, so she can keep Kristi to herself. A mystery pony appears at Pine Hollow and follows Carole everywhere, which is a good thing since it saves her life.

Carole assists a famous trainer with Veronica’s promising young racehorse Windsong. When her father is deployed overseas, Carole has to say goodbye to Pine Hollow and Starlight. Pine Hollow is quarantined by a suspected outbreak of equine influenza. The Saddle Club see how bad Kristi is doing so they go to save her because they don’t want Pine Hollow to look bad, too. Meanwhile, Melanie and Ashley are working on a family tree for a school project, and upset Lisa with an embarrassing picture. Season 2 Episode When Stevie gets injured after Trouble causes her to fall off of Belle, Carole and Lisa offer to stop riding, out of solidarity. Red’s runaway cousin, Liam, causes disruption at Pine Hollow by lying to everyone, but redeems himself when he saves Lisa who is in grave danger from appendicitis.

The Saddle Club and Phil ignore this rule and put themselves and their horses in danger. Pine Hollow is quarantined by a suspected outbreak of equine influenza. Red’s best friend Jake tries to fix things around Pine Cluh, but messes things up.

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Will the other Pine Hollow students stop bickering and find him in time? August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Lisa was in this episode for a short amount of time. Nick Russell guest stars as John Brightstar for two episodes.


Click here to watch now. Bernouli to give Jack another chance with a new wild horse, Striker. Then they get stranded in the middle of nowhere when they fall off Angel. To add a video paste video url directly into your comment. Meanwhile, Desi gets a new horse named Jellybean since Midnight was sold to Simon. Edit Storyline Belle comes down with a mysterious illness and Red is left to manage Pine Hollow on his own. Meanwhile, Melanie and Ashley are working on a family tree for a school project, and upset Lisa with an embarrassing picture.


Kristi Cavanaugh Glenn Meldrum What is My Phone Number. But episoode the group goes missing, the students must use their survival skills and teamwork to make their way back to civilization. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the end, Carole and Starlight stay and live with Max and Mrs.

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Max changes his mind and decides to train Prancer for his advanced jumping class instead of selling her after she saves The Saddle Club when Lisa is bitten by an Eastern brown snake.

Carole and Lisa save Stevie and Comanche. Scooter confesses his love for Veronica. Our 5 Favorite Things About the Oscars. When Garnet refuses to make the double oxer jump, Veronica is humiliated and implements cruel measures to make Garnet more obedient. It appears that Jellybean is a roller. Sky belongs to a young blind girl ssason Miranda.

Atwood to let Lisa stay at Pine Hollow. With Colonel Tendeerfoot help Carole comes to terms with her mother’s death and Cobalt’s death and is filled with joy as she learns that Delilah is pregnant with Cobalt’s foal.

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It is the seasob trials to set the rankings for the Pine Hollow students and Veronica is looking down the barrel of coming second to Stevie.

Meanwhile, Kristi wants Red to stay at Pine Hollow to tell him how she feels.


After Lisa’s cell phone accidentally goes off during the lesson Veronica plans to put her pager under Comanche’s saddle and put him and Stevie in danger. Hugo turns out to be a fake horse dealer, and someone much more dangerous than they expected. Colonel Hanson informs Carole that her mom wouldn’t have wanted her to quit riding or sell Starlight.

Jake accidentally forgets to bring the hay in before it rains and it sets the barn on fire. Season 2 Episode Stevie tracks down a legendary Phantom Horse. Discuss API on Discord. Veronica bets Carole that she can take care tye Garnet without any help for a day if Carole doesn’t speak to The Saddle Club henderfoot the same amount of time.

Melanie tries to hand feed Samson because she doesn’t want Dr. It turns out that all he has is colic.

tenderfooh Deidre Rubenstein Song at end: Add the first question. Max suspends Veronica from lessons until further notice because she knows that the kids aren’t supposed to give the horses anything extra, after the horses are put on a carefully planned feeding schedule to make sure the feed isn’t what was making Prancer sick.

Atwood buys Diablo for Lisa so that Raffael will leave.

Meanwhile, Veronica gets Mr. They find out that the thief is actually Phil’s friend Greg.

Diablo comes up missing and the girls and Raffael set out to find him. A magnificent racehorse called Danville Dutchess is brought to Pine Hollow and forms a bond with Trouble. Reg as a guest of Pine Hollow. When the mare escapes Stevie finds her and the pair are allowed to stay reunited.