Freddie decides to hijack his sister’s Sexxbomb audition tape, with consequences he probably wasn’t expecting. Chris cheats on Jal with her. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. Angie comes into Chris’ workplace to buy a house. While begging Maxxie to come inside, Anwar’s dad comes outside and the two boys confess to Maxxie being gay. A very special message from Sid to Tony. Retrieved from ” https: Jal and Michelle , bored, decide to go out to meet Russian men, and the four meet awkwardly in the hall.

Tony takes ecstasy and elements of his old personality surface. The exam results are in and Alex is throwing the mother of all leaving parties. Maxxie Oliver Kaya Scodelario The two make a pact, Chris has to start looking for a career whilst Jal has to say “yes” to things, reverting from her conservative personality. While Chris dirties the floor with his shoes, the posh kids gang up on the newcomers, and a fight begins after Tony punches a posh kid in the face. Sid calls his mother, then he boards a train. Sid visits his best mate Tony.

Everyone’s future hangs in epusode balance as Franky struggles to confront her past. Alo finds Rich the perfect woman and Rich slowly learns the meaning of compromise with Grace, but heartbreak isn’t far away Michelle does not understand and instead walks off with her boyfriend, Tony. It’s the end of an era.

Maxxie has heard a lot about this interweb thing, and has something very exciting to show you lucky people. I love you too, Dad. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

At the hostel, Anwar discovers that Anka can speak English quite fluently, clearly having learned it from watching the American show Friends “I learn from, like, the best American show ever! Cassie goes to bed one night at Adam’s apartment, and wakes up to find a green apple and a note from Adam saying that he “went away” for a while. That night, Chris calls in to say goodnight to Angie, but must hide under the bed when Tom arrives and tries to impress Angie by doing squats in his underwear.


Sid’s Bedside Vigil — E4. The series finishes with Effy maxdie Tony’s bed under his duvet cover smiling suggestively at the camera, breaking the fourth wall. At the same time, Anwar sees the Russian girl in her bedroom, this time in her underwear.

He begins kissing her, but leaves to gossip to Maxxie, who is waiting outside. Very strong language and drug use This episode is skkns 48 mins. After an emotional conversation with Sid about the death of his father, Michelle has sex with him on the sjins out of sight of the rest of the group.

Anwar then expects to get the best birthday present ever as a friend of his sisters’ shows interest in him. But Tony’s not about to let toby go that easily. She sees him through her mirror and waves. Michelle is embroiled in Spanish revision so Jal tells her she is pregnant in Spanish. Skins series 1 List of Skins episodes. After Tom falls asleep, Chris kisses Angie goodnight and leaves.

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Revealing his inner emotions, Sid completes the coursework. Anwar is impressed by the drawings Maxxie has made of the two, but is shocked when he discovered Maxxie has drawn a picture of Anwar’s penis.


I’m an idiot, I know. Retrieved from ” https: Tony is still having mood swings and black-outs following his episoce and,since his mother is suffering from While parked, Sid accidentally hits the car’s handbrake while searching for skins in Tony’s back pocket.

Strong language, violence, drug use, nudity and sexual scenes This episode is subtitled 45 mins. Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter. Cassie posts Sid a message from Scotland.

The Stonem family home is in disarray: Six months have elapsed and Cassie has moved to Scotland,leaving Sid upset. Cassie’s Video Diary — E4. Anwar invites Maxxie to skis party.

Tony and Maxxie

Sid visits his best mate Tony. Sid informs Tony of this. His coursework hasn’t made the grade, he’s as sexually frustrated as ever, and he can’t get his best mate’s girl, Michelle, out of his head. But things get out of hand when he rebels by throwing a party that ruins the farm. Chris is furious at Angie for her infidelityand something strikes him about Merve, but he can’t quite put his finger on it.

At that moment, Sid arrives back, followed by Anka’s shotgun-bearing ‘father,’ whom she reveals is actually her husband. Strong language and some drug use This episode is subtitled 47 mins.

He also stares at a naked woman changing in front of her bedroom window across the street.