It was during this period that the cartoon “hit”. Challenge of the GoBots. Leader-1, Hans-Cuff and Dozer. After he fails, he flees to Earth and security leader Ex-El follows him and creates modifies robots to fight him: This list is ordered by episode airdate, which is how the series was released on DVD, but which is not the show’s correct chronological story order. February 13, 0. The final volume Challenge of the GoBots—The Series, Volume 2 , which contains the last remaining 30 episodes of the show, was released on March 10,

This included a short comic strip, based on the Challenge of the Gobots cartoon continuity, as well as features on real-life robots , quiz pages and the like. Hasbro bought Tonka and its subsidiaries including Kenner , acquiring all of Tonka’s intellectual property, which included the GoBots IP Get Known if you don’t have an account. Animation for the series was provided by Taiwanese-American studio Wang Film Productions , overseen by supervising director Ray Patterson , while voice direction was carried out by industry-defining master Gordon Hunt and his protege Andrea Romano. A full series of sixty episodes was soon commissioned to follow up the mini-series, giving the series 65 episodes total—the “magic number” that would get the series into weekday syndication. The line sold well initially, but was overtaken by Transformers. Many pieces of production artwork from Hanna Barbara were published, though per the note about free-advertising above none depicted a Bandai toy-based design.

The name “Leader-1” was trademarked in for Armada Megatron ‘s Mini-Con partnerbut there’s been little to no use of GoBots -original names since. You may know him best as The Fallen. Consequently, a home-grown anime was produced to promote the Machine Robo toyline, Revenge of Cronosin Ward Brock Peters Peter Cullen.

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This included a short comic strip, based on the Challenge of the Gobots cartoon continuity, as well as features on real-life robotsquiz pages and the like. Announcement for The Series, Volume 1″. Mega Dan Broo X. The line was also only barely advertised, with only two episodes packed into a promotional VHS cassette remember those? Following its mid-Eighties demise, GoBots remained a dead line in every regard up until They were described by the pitch-man as ” The all new, most mind-blowing, laser-slashing, robot-bashing product line ever!


Barring any potential oversights by the production team, this list includes all the actors who appeared in the series up to the episode that had last been recorded when the credits had to be assembled for the series premiere. From toFun Publications also offered a more direct continuation of the cartoon through the ” Renegade Rhetoric ” column on Facebook. The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera. InHasbro acquired the Gobots range from Tonka Inc. GoBots Wiki has devised its own listlargely for our use in creating character articles, rather than to be used as a viewing guide.

Other crossovers were Arthur Burghardt GoBots: Hasbro also made damn sure to buy every Japanese transforming toy they could so GoBots couldn’t bloody have them. A second season of the series was not produced, but it was followed on in by the theatrical movie GoBots: The toys themselves are not even colored like the GoBots they were briefly named after, using “prototype” color schemes for the original toys, or all-new decos seemingly created without direct inspiration.

The toy as well as the others in that wave was originally intended as part of the Generation 1-based Classics lineand in fact “Fracture” was originally intended to be Crasher-the-GoBot, having crossed dimensions. Despite being first to the market, having many more low-price items than its competitor theoretically making them more desirable, at least to parents’ walletsand a ton of early press coverage stating that it would likely be the victor in the battle of shape-shifting robot toys, GoBots was left in the dust by the vastly better-marketed Transformers.

The color change to white was due to Bumblebee and Bug Bite sharing the colors yellow and black in their original competing releases. To this date there have been a few exclusives referencing GoBots, but they have all been recolors of other Transformer molds as opposed to new figures.

This article may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia’s quality standards. Ward was also associate story editor for the series, as well as the voice of Fitor above.

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Go-Bots though it kept the Go-Shieldlikely in response to the ever-growing awareness and sales power of the franchise. Thus, when the cartoon was exported to Australia, it was renamed Challenge of the Machine Men and given a new theme tune derived from the GoBots toy commercial jingle. Taking place in a separate continuity to the Timelines stories which also spun off from the cartoon, “Renegade Rhetoric” showed audiences a world where a complete “second season” of the cartoon existed, as Cy-Kill related sixty-five new prose adventures consistent in plot and tone with s children’s television.


Additionally, a news story in the multiversal newspaper ALTernity Today gave Challenge of the Gobots a universal stream designation, thus implicitly pulling it into the multiverse. All the remaining figures from the GoBots toyline—including both those who had not appeared in the original cartoon, and those which had not been released at all—were included in the stories, as were new characters based on Machine Robo toys that were never imported by Tonka.

In the end, Go-Bots made an initial splash with collectors keen on something new and weird, but failed to entice kids or hold onto its older fans, and has since become a footnote, vastly overshadowed by its successor.

However, Takara eventually dropped the names from the final packaging and promotional materials, leaving only the more defensible “G1 GoBots” epusodes name, with the packed-in bio for the whole group introducing them as visitors from another universe conveniently not identifiedwith technology astoundingly similar to the technology seen in the GoBots cartoon. It’s extremely likely that these references would have remained even if Hasbro didn’t have some fingers in the GoBots IP.

One of them was yet another revival of “Ask Vector Transformmers. The words “GoBot” or ” Gargent ” the universal stream designation of the GoBots franchise show up almost 50 times in the column. For a list of other meanings, see GoBots disambiguation.