Scary movie did had some laughable bits but that was a spoof, here I just couldn’t laugh. It is personally one of my favorites in my collection. Just don’t be so hard on this movie, especially on a film like this, we all know this wasn’t made to be a big movie with Oscar performance qualities in it. It falls into Lynne’s hands. SadnessNeverGoes 27 August The idea is of course okay and there is gratuitous nudity in it but still the jokes are so cheap that they really are for 12 year old youth like it was rated over here.

An art movie, with hidden messages, an epic, a classic or a film with politically correct jokes? Then it turns out that she has that growth on her back and just completely kills it for him. It was such a boring movie. Meanwhile, a Radu’s minion retrieves the music box but is deadly wounded by the vampire slayer Teodora Van Sloan Musetta Vander and he drops the object in a gypsy’s basket. Pretty much a story of a group of not-too-bright American college kids on a semester abroad at the only college that would accept them: While traveling by train to Razvan, they learn that five hundred years ago, the vampire Radu lost his beloved Stephania, whose spirit was trapped in a music box. It’s got a really intricate story structure that totally works. This was very refreshing to see!

His friends actually intend to party and score the Romanians. If there is any positive thing about this movie.

As the film’s official synopsis states, if the partying doesn’t kill them, the vampires just might. Was there a point here? Transylmania is such a colossal comedic misfire that transy,mania makes the execrable Scary Movie films look like masterworks of Preston Sturges-esque genius by comparison.


I’ve spent movvie last two days reading how much everyone hates this movie and since I didn’t, I have to post here for the first time with my theory on what the studio did wrong. Simply put, it’s just stupid I’m glad I saw this film the other day. Okay, I know what you’re thinking.

He was the only one who was even a bit funny to me. I’d even pay to see it again.


Everyone seemed true to their characters, including the actors who had more than one role to play. His friends actually intend to party. Unfortunately I was right about everything, but the funny part.

David and Scott Hillenbrand’s stoner horror-comedy predictably provides more groans than laughs. This release is a mess of a film that fails on all levels mainly providing entertainment to audience this was a sequel to some national lampoon series films that franchise sucks to be honest first of all there was no script for this film you can tell all those dialogs and nonsense these people were doing it was all on their own.

The film is obviously rated R for a reason. Like its two predecessors, “Dorm Daze 3” But subjectively, I got a real bang out of it. When they arrive at the university, they are welcomed by the Dean Floca David Steinberg that is a dwarf. This is the type of movie that you must shut down your brain and start laughing. When Lynne opens the music box, she is possessed by Stephania and Radu is identical to Rusty, and the brainless American students get into a messy situation. It follows 10 American college students, every one of them a flaming stereotype, as they arrive for a semester abroad in Romania, specifically Transylvania where the movie was actually shotexplicitly at Razvan University, whose campus is in historic Castle Razvan, which years ago was the home of famed vampire Count Radu.


All through my viewing of “Transylmania”, I kept picking my brain where I knew the names of David and Scott Hillenbrand from. Everything here qualifies as lowest common denominator humor with loads of bouncing breasts and butts to ogle in what amounts to high school skits on a big budget. The Kids Are Alright. The good news is that “Transylmania” definitely isn’t any worse than “Stan Helsing” or “Scary Movie 4”. Views Read Edit View history.

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BUT, I thought at least it would probably be funny. David Hillenbrand, Scott Hillenbrand.

The moron American student Rusty Oren Skoog arranges a student exchange program for his closest friend and him to study in Romania for six months and meet his Internet girlfriend Draguta Irena A.

The film did poorly at the box office, making it one of the biggest flops of It features a cast of young actors portraying eccentric college students who embark on a semester abroad in Romania. But the studio made a HUGE mistake putting this in theaters.

I was lucky enough to speak to directors David and Scott Hillenbrand via the Transylmania fan-page on Facebook.