The Curse of Oak Island 2. An argument breaks out between Sanjana and Shaina which is then solved by Elaichi. Mishri then shows up before the boy, who is willing to marry her. What will Ajay answer Sanjana now? While Sanjana is away from her stove, Shaina pushes her pot off the stove. Shreya also asks Shaina to stay in her limits as she has been paid much for what she is doing and there is no need for her to steal. Premise The series is a tale of a happy family of five brothers and three sisters.

She fails to notice that Bhushan is peeking from over the wall. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. On the other hand, Mishri learns from a hotel card as to where Ajju is hiding. Overview TV Listings Cast. Will this behavior of Shreya give rise to a doubt in Bhushan’s mind? Ajay and Bhushan visit the police station to meet the inspector.

Later, Shreya meets Ajju and congratulates him on successfully frightening Mishri. Ajay asks Shaina not to talk rubbish and ignores her. What trap has Ajju set up for Mishri? The Masked Singer 7.

The story revolves around the Pethewalas, a traditional-yet-modern joint family from Agra. Retrieved from ” https: Trilokchand asks Ajay to go for a divorce.

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi

Mishri wakes up from her sleep and rushes to Ajay. Unknown to their families is that their marriage is a contract for a few months. She tells Mishri that Anuj would come back for her. Bhushan, their second son falls in love with Shreya, and coincidentally their marriage is fixed by their families.


Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi: Characters Real Names,TV Show, Plot

Overview TV Listings Cast. When the inspector does not respond to Ajay, the latter gets angry.

At the same time Ajju returns from USA. Shaina clams that she is able to see the footwear of the three people but unable to see their faces properly. She confronts her mother and declares that Ajju had killed Ajay.

Sanjana tells Mishri that she would set everything thing right and get her married to Anuj. Shaina tries to play one of her games where she gets a crystal ball and says it would help her to find Ajju’s murderer. On the other hand, Shaina visits Ajay and requests him to help her out in wearing a Saree.

Add to Watchlist Added. Mishri reaches the police station and meets Sanjana. Shaina then calls Shreya up and asks her to meet at a warehouse. Will Mishri be able to expose Ajju? While Sanjana is away serjal her stove, Shaina pushes her pot off the stove.

While Ajay is confessing, Shania captures it so she can bring down the family. Shreya finds Shaina stealing something from the cupboard. A Star Is Born 7. She fails to notice that Bhushan is peeking from over the wall. But Sanjana’s father, who has aldready accepted the marriage makes her realise her love for Ajay. The Pethewala family takes time to accept Sanjana. It is actually Ajju in disguise.

He adds on that, Ajju is not yet askha and all this scene was created to put Sanjana in trouble. Will Agents of S. Will Mishri be cheated in her wedding? Before he can tell his family, they pretend to have fixed his marriage elsewhere but the girl turns out to be Shreya. While Mishri is about to leave the house, Anuj confronts her and asks her to stay calm and not to interfere in Sanjana’s case. On the other hand, Mishri learns from a hotel card as to where Ajju is hiding.


After the bath, Shaina hugs Ajay and forcibly romances with him. Click here to login. Keep watching to find out. Sanjana asks Ajay to relax and he claims that he had been chasing a car, trying to catch a wanted person.

Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi Cast Real Names with Photographs

To stop Sanjana’s father from getting her married forcibly to someone else, Ajju requests Ajay to marry her till he returns from the US. Ajay soon wakes up and learns that Shaina has visited his room to get his permission to take bath in his bathroom. Neeraj Goswani Ajju 1 Episode Ajay, who is recovering from his injury, experiences watching blurred images of Ajju.

Ajay drags Shaina before the Pethewala family and claims that she is cheating the family, acting as Ajju’s sister. Will Shaina be able to get Sanjana released from the jail?