Thank you for posting…. I became captivated with this show. She was an outcast till Timur came along and married her; but he too was in love with her, so Sinan never knew of this because his scheming father made him leave for America. Josie Harang January 8, at 9: I do not like these unanswered questions. CS1 Hebrew-language sources he. To me, he is the tragic figure in this series. Forget about Timur being evil … and all the not-so-nice people with hidden evil agendas …what really bothers me is Mine making a mockery of true love … How can she fall for Timur while supposedly she loves Sinan so much?

Watch this episode again. I could not believe there is not another season. Or maybe his own fathers. Sheridan Robinson May 13, at 9: Temir did a lot of bad things to keep Sinah and Mine apart but is somehow still portrayed as being a good guy. I also understand just finding out about his son, but Timur went overboard to make Mine happy because he loved her. Timur and Mini get married and live happily ever after.

I liked Timur so I think it was good they were about to marry; his spoilt daughter had changed towards Mine; her son was simply adorable. He took advantage of her. I hated how she went back and forth with these men and caused all this emotional upheaval for them.

Jean Zanow April 29, at I still think that sinan is the one for mine. I loved this movie but very disappointed in the ending — have also noticed that these Turkish movies have only 1 season and never end the story, good or bad mmera must end. Will Sinan eventually learn that he has a baby from Mine? She was suppose to be dead.


He did nothing wrong. Also that other orphaned kid might have done it but why? I cannot believe they did this to us! I absolutely loved this movie but i do not like the fact that wrong seems to triumph over good.

When Mine becomes pregnant from Sinan, their tender love story mmeenay into a tragic love story.

The Girl I Loved (Bir Cocuk Sevdim)

Jaine August 10, at Will there be more? When she comes back home, her father is furiously waiting for her, as it is midnight. Carmen Gonzalez May 9, at He yells at her asking her where she had been, and she faints. Is there a book form of this story with the finished ending? This is richly cast, and music is beautiful and the story is complicated.

Just horrible show only believe in hate and wrong doing. Timor took her in and respected her wishes to live as they did. Tirun is controlling and calculating.

Mera pyaar Meenay By Express TV – Last Episode Full – 17 March – video dailymotion

Will there be any more? How come she showed up at the wedding. I laughed so hard at Erdets antics.

Do they not believe in happy endings in Turkey? Timur did not think about his daughter calling the police and mine getting shot he just wanted to be mines hero.

Derin was a sociopath but not that bright. Despite meennay ridiculous amount of high drama, ie. I doubt that Timur killed Sinan. NBP May 20, at No doubt in my mind Timur did it — I wish they would show where Sinan survives and they put Timur in jail forever.

Mera pyaar Meenay By Express TV – Last Episode Full – 17 March 2014

And who shot him? No merecemos q nos dejen sin continuacion.


There were alot of interesting plots, twists, and moral dilemmas in this show. Not one person that done anything wrong got punished but all the kind loving people got punished and pain.

Please make a Season 2. He had many opportunities to do the right thing before Hassan was born if he truly cared about Mine. Faye October 6, at Eminem played her role very well. Netflix should not buy a show with a story that is not finished. I became captivated with this show. I am so liking all of the Turkish movies.

Meenay (Episode 96)

Mine should be on her own for some time and then realise that Sinan is the love of her life and they should get back together and get married and have another child. Haydee June 21, at 7: I cannot figure out why these Turkish Writers leave you with all these unanswered — cliffhanging — endings to the stories.

Totally agree with you, so disappointed in the finale. Maria January 22, at 5: Sinan keeps trying to contact Mine by calling her and messaging her. The Girl I Loved [2]. Una mano peluda se ve en la escena cuando Timur sale de su casa alien lo apunta con la epissode sin arma.

Does anyone know the lyrics to the theme song?