Rifbjerg och Jan Troell. This leads to him, his wife Inga Lena, and their four young children being exiled from Sweden. During the voyage, Inga Lena and Mans Andersson die of sudden illnesses, which nearly claims Kristina as well. The screenplay is by Bengt Forslund and Troell. Retrieved from ” https: The Emigrants First edition. The film was released to cinemas in Sweden on 8 March The Emigrants by Vilhelm Moberg.

Land of Dreams A Frozen Dream. Retrieved 21 September The Emigrants by Vilhelm Moberg. Karl Oskar’s rebellious younger brother Robert first comes across the idea of emigrating to America, tired of being treated poorly as a farmhand. Filming took place from June to January Det enda han tyckte direkt illa om var musiken:

The Emigrants The New Land.

Utvandrarna (film) – Wikipedia

However, the Academy’s rules for eligibility for specific awards meant the nominations occurred in two separate years. Boka film i Filminstitutets biografdistribution. Sverre Anker Sammanfattinng Knut Fraenkel.

This page was last edited on 28 Januaryat The combined cost of the two films was kr 7 million, then the most expensive Swedish film. Rifbjerg och Jan Troell.

Inger Martin Ann Collenberg. Ulrika befinns vara den enda lusfria!. Framkomna till Stillwater tas de om hand av pastor Jackson som ger dem mat och husrum.

Ingenjör Andrées luftfärd (1982)

Eva von Hanno Gurli Linder. Hurricane Flight of the Eagle Il Capitano: Danjel also plans to bring two swmmanfattning his followers to America as well, Ulrika of Vastergohl, a former prostitute, and her sixteen-year-old daughter Elin. Sundmans roman med samma namn. Planeringsarbetet skulle bli omfattande.


Max von Sydow S. Not long afterwards, tragedy strikes the party again when Danjel’s infant daughter dies after a brief illness.

Originaltitel Musik i urval. The film employed 20 actors and extras. Retrieved 21 September Utkast till en TV-serie om S. After Danjel and Ulas Petterson make their claims to fine tracts of farmland, Karl Oskar heads deep into the woods to explore the lands along the shore of lake Ki Chi Saga, now known as Chisago Lake.

National Board of Review.

Nybyggarna (1972)

The family struggles with poor weather and harvests and hunger. Awards for The Emigrants. Robert confronts Karl Oskar about selling his share of the farm in order to afford the passage, only to find out that Karl Oskar himself had been considering the idea of moving his family to the United States.

I dag avslutades ballongens fyllning. De skarvar ihop en provisorisk lina. Grundfakta Media 2 st. Views Read Edit View history. Karl Oskar’s rebellious younger brother Robert first comes across the sammanfattning of emigrating to America, tired of being treated poorly as a farmhand. The two films were considered to give Jan Troell his “international breakthrough. Karl Oskars ankomst till Ki-Chi-Saga.

The film received mostly positive reviews. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tidigare filmatiseringar av hans verk hade mestadels gjort honom besviken. Ingen vet nu exakt utvanddrarna han var: De landar och ballongen sjunker ihop. I oktober gav Donner klartecken. On board, Karl Oskar and Kristina meet Mans and Fina Kajsa Andersson, an elderly couple heading for the Minnesota Territorywhere they plan to settle on their son’s farm near a town called Taylor’s Falls.


Retrieved 28 November The screenplay is by Bengt Forslund and Troell.

Guldbagge Award for Best Film. Upon their arrival in New York, Karl Oskar and his party along with Fina Kajsa begin the long journey westward to Minnesota, first by train, then by riverboat.

Olle Isaksson Mats Larsson. Och inte bara hos dem.

Arvid eagerly agrees, but the pair’s hopes are dashed when they realize they do not have the money needed for their passage. The sequel, The New Land Nybyggarnawas released in Upon his arrival, he finds the topsoil to be of excellent quality and makes sammanfatning claim to the land for himself and Kristina and their family by carving his initials into a tree overlooking the lake.