I thought of my brother as an enemy. If you feet don’t show wear and tear, your life doesn’t shift a gear. I pray to the Lord we both believe in. Otherwise, I’ll give you up to them. With a tiny blink of your eyes so eloquent, I tasted freedom of joy with no restraint. You are anxious about meeting Mr Balakrishnan tomorrow, right? But I’m alive only because of him.

I’ll stick it together and come. Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. When the earthquake happened in Mumbai, we all stood on the road together. Why didn’t you go, idiot? Please don’t keep what I said before in mind. Now what is he saying, sir?

I don’t have any other picture of him. You’ve been here for 5 years. After eating pani puris in your shop, my stomach feels well-settled. All of you come here, listen to his story like it’s some mega serial and then leave. I portrayed the guy who died in the gun fight as my future father-in-law. These 2 days I’ve been with you, just 2 phone calls I indulged in. Login Register Forgot your password? No, he hit me and sent me here.

The wedding hall is nearby though. But this child should just rot? Get a bigger one for me. There were all sorts of details geichadu him, so I thought he was living a good life. You know why we lost our match yesterday?


Don’t you know you are too old to compete next year? Ramana, I’m not standing for elections. What is our next plan sir?

Anjana seeks revenge and asks Jeeva to get Ramana behind bars. September 16, Story: But they’ll wait patiently for a kiss, even if it takes them 8 hours.

Even though he made it big in this industry, he still feels bad about failing in his dream I’ll take care of that. There isn’t much we can do. Me, my mother and my father waited. Please don’t keep what I said before in mind. You don’t need any enemies. We will settle down there, I’ve made all arrangements through my friends.

Come and seek to ignite me heart and soul. He tried to kill me when I was young. Your eyes that kill remind me of a spear. You should have left long ago. Of the 2 of you? You’re gobbling them down so fast. Anjana seeks subritles and asks Jeeva to get Ramana behind bars.

Taapsee and Jeeva Romantic sceen from – Vachadu Gelichadu – video dailymotion

You have to report your hiccup, sneeze and even when you cut your nails. So now I have no other choice. He’s shown his true political colors. There’s a cold breeze blowing.


Taapsee and Jeeva Romantic sceen from – Vachadu Gelichadu

Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. But Jeeva hunts him down and there comes an unexpected twist in the tale. Below his right shoulder, his upper arm has been operated and a plate inserted. I lost my dream and that hurts so much. No reviews, be the first to review the product. I’ll punch you in your face. All recent searches will be deleted. Got a YouTube account?

What am I supposed to do if your girl shows off? I spoke Hindi with such difficulty and your asking me if I’m a Tamilian? It was because of your brother. You need both him and me. Ramana left when he was 10 and forgot us.

I’m sorry, extremely sorry. Or your globule candies? I presumed it was your heart to possess. But it’s people like you who are responsible for innocent people like me