Just hope miracle happened He eventually got drunk and doesn’t remember anything that had happened afterward, but woke up in bed with a woman. The couple drifts even more apart after Oliver witnesses Phillip zu Hohenfelden being hit by a car and thinks himself responsible, falling into depression. Olli caught on to what he was suggesting and shook his head to interrupt, “Don’t” he warned him, “Don’t spend the rest of your life waiting for me. As he walks off, Christian is left shell shocked. As he goes on, Jessica walks in just in time to hear Christian say to the person, “We had sex.

When he at last admited to Olli that he had fallen in love, I think one of the most, if not even the absolutley most beautiful love scenes were took place for the TV-viewers. He says he thought about how he wants their marriage to be, and doesn’t want it like the way it currently is. There are no threads for this page. Feeling guilty, Oliver books a flight to England to be with Christian, who isn’t happy with Oliver coming over randomly as he is very busy with work. Olli nodded, “We both know this whole arrangement isn’t working” he pointed out, “This isn’t a marriage anymore, it’s barely a long-distance relationship”. To say nothing of the shouting and the weeping and the quick changes of emotion so typical of soaps. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If you get hooked and want to binge-watch, you can find other episodes galore. Oliver and him then decide on 4 weeks from that day to get married.

He etoryline Oliver temporarily depart with a sweet moment and a kiss as Christian leaves. Christian wins his first fight and then comes out by publicly kissing Oliver in the ring, making himself known as “The Gay Boxer”. Oliver later phone Christian then flew over to see him in London.


He says he thought about how he wants their marriage to be, and doesn’t want it like the way it currently is. After Oliver stays at Christian’s locked door all night, they both confess their mutual feelings and Christian lets Oliver into his room and they make love, finally becoming a couple.

Edit Details Official Sites: Stop being so s! Be the first to start a new thread. And yes, I’m still taking all my tablets and stuff” Olli nodded smugly, “Good” There was a pause before Christian cleared his throat, “Not that I’m not thrilled about you being here, but why so sudden?

Hepzibah: Christian and Olli

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Eventually, Oliver requests all the details of his one-night stand, saying it may make him able to forgive again. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Anybody who enjoys looking at men with their shirts off will enjoy the eye candy, and some will appreciate the gay smooching. Episode is about to begin!

Oliver Sabel

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. As he walks off, Christian is left shell shocked. Christian shrugged, “I guess so. All fanart, fanvideo’s, fanfictions belongs to the their creators. Christian gazed at Olli worriedly and continued, “I think about you all the time” he revealed quietly, rubbing his husband’s arms, “I’m lying in bed wishing you were there beside me.

Even if Ansgar is If you haven’t seen it, just take time for it. At the end, Rebecca exposes Rob to the police, who gets arrested, and Oliver and Christian make amends thanks to a romantic trip to New York. When Christian goes to Sebastian von Lahnstein in order to file documents to fix any future health concerns for them hospital-wise, he suggests he and Oliver get married to avoid these limitations.


You need to carry on living your own life; I’d hate to think of you sitting around hoping that I’ll come back to you if I’m not going to” Christian nodded, “Well maybe deep down I’ll always hope it’ll happen” he began coyly, “But you’re right, I need to live my own life now” Olli smiled slightly, “I’m glad we finally agree on something” Christian chuckled before hesitating, “I hope you find someone who makes you happy, someone that you deserve” Olli nodded, “You too” There was a pause before Christian murmured, “Don’t forget me, ok?

Years ago I came to this story thanks to youtube and I think several of us arrived in the same waybecause of the technology today we can see fiction from various countries. Christian, a little while after their trip to New York, suffers an episode of chest pain and is taken to the hospital by Andi.

Christian Mann

During this, he gets a phone call which he tells the caller to stop calling him. Arno Brandner 2, episodes, Martina Servatius Oliver sends a sports college application for Christian against his will which makes him angry and confused.

This causing a strain on their relationship.

Christian shook his head gravely and gazed into Olli’s eyes, “I could never hate you” he argued softly, “Ich liebe dich”.

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