Letters from London Julian Barnes: Kawabata Yasunari, The Master of Go trans. Zashto obichame zhenite Terry Carter u. Patjat na mravkite Felix Gasbarra: Batak als bulgarischer Erinnerungsort Ulf Brunnbauer u. Eine Sammlung persischer Gedichte Werner Haftmann:

The Collector Collector Gjergj Fishta: Minima Moralia Theodor W. Chess Strategy Ulf Brunnbauer u. Parasites like us Uwe Johnson: Halfon can write and many pages are really gripping, but as a novel, the book disappointed me a bit. Mani Patrick Leigh Fermor: Der kleine Brixius Ludwig Harig:

Faszinierendes Schachproblem Gabriel Baumgartner: Ungarische Schachprobleme mit wenigen Steinen Randall Baker: Bank Indonesia and the Crisis Rolf Dobelli: Pasar Ilang Kumandhange — Mletko Hermanu: Spectacular Chess Problems Bohumil Hrabal: Hawkeye TPB vol. Die Hunde des Krieges’ 7 – ‘Captain America: Blood Feud – Blutfehde’ Spawn: Das Leben meiner Mutter Ivan Granitski: The chapter about the Indio poet would make in my opinion a great stand-alone short story.

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One of the most interesting things about the book is the abundance of examples of authors that are introduced to us readers; while I read many of them and know a few others by name, I discovered also plenty of seemingly extremely interesting writers particularly from the Spanish-speaking literature mea culpa that I am not so well read in Spanish literature as I should considering the richness of this literary continent who have fell silent at a certain moment in their lives.

Mitternacht in Gotham’ 62 – ‘Batman: High Albania Lawrence Durrell: Leitfaden des Schachspiels Reinhold Anton: Niels Lyhne Howard Jacobson: Are stieh a book collector?

Macht, Herrschaft und Gold Manfred van Fondern: Anyone with such a manuscript, wishing to submit steg to the Brautigan Library or Library of the No, need only pop it in the post … I have it on good authority — though there they are only interested in bad authority — that no manuscript is ever rejected; on the contrary, there they are looked after and exhibited with the greatest pleasure and respect.


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