Denier van der Gon, H. We have developed a tool that allows for a fast screening of relevant air pollution impacts from given emission scenarios at the regional to global scale, bypassing expensive numerical modelling of complex atmospheric processes. Examples of multiple rock-slope collapses from Kofels Otz valley, Austria and western Norway. Wax – Bridge To Your Heart. Eoghan Darbyshire, William T. Calculated single-scattering albedo SSA showed little variation, as a large number of non-BC particles were also present in the precipitation-affected plume. Analysis of historical data. APHH-Beijing is a collaborative international research programme to study the sources, emissions, processes, health effects and mitigation solutions of atmospheric pollution in Beijing.

Information is from the book Dommedagsfjellet: Retrieved November 4, from http: Andreae, Paulo Artaxo, Jose L. Constraints to the cause of three historical tsunamis , , and in the Messina Straits region, Sicily, Southern Italy. Stray Cats – Rock This Town. Aristotle had discussed the basic principle behind it in his Problems , but Alhazen’s work also contained the first clear description, outside of China , of camera obscura in the areas of the middle east , Europe , Africa and India. Scores of Natives Lost.

Robbie Ramsay, Chiara F. This study investigates the contribution of diesel vehicle emissions to organic aerosol The results provide insights into the temporal and spatial evolution of dust properties that will be useful for aerosol—cloud interaction studies and dust cycle modelling. Chemical and microphysical characterization of ambient aerosols with the aerodyne aerosol mass spectrometer, Mass Spectrom. There seems to be a problem completing the request at present.


The Maldives before and after the Sumatran tsunami. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. Particles in the air of London have been assessed both by weight and by number.

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Historical tsunami database for France and its overseas territories. Retrieved April 1, from link. Exposure to secondary organic aerosols SOAs may have cardiopulmonary health implications. Using a global chemistry-climate model, the impacts of biogenic, anthropogenic, epjsode biomass burning VOC emissions on the global SOA budget and model agreement with observed SOA concentrations are quantified.

Observations of tsunami impact on the coast of Kerala, India. We also found a better way to mathematically describe this swelling process.

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These results were compared to a similar campaign from epispde We suggest this may be due to uncertainties in the AOD calculation. OC ratios of ambient organic aerosol OA species provide key constraints for understanding their sources and impacts.

Most systems performed well for the NMHC in nitrogen, whereas in air more scatter was observed. Japan, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol.

victorr Published 24 Deceber Tsunami Catalogs for the Eastern Mediterranean, Revisited. Amplitudes for the December 25, Vanuatu Islands region tsunami. Nearly boats were affected by tsunami in Coquimbo.

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Simulation of the trans-oceanic epiisode propagation due to the Krakatau volcanic eruption. Alhazen’s synthesis of light and vision adhered to the Aristotelian scheme, exhaustively describing the process of vision in a logical, complete fashion.


The residential sector was the largest contributor, followed by industry, agriculture and energy. Johnson and John R.

Crystal Clouds

We made use of multiple spectrometric techniques for characterizing the aerosol chemical composition and mixing in the Po Valley in the summer.

Al-Haytham also worked on analytical geometry and the beginnings of the link between algebra and geometry.

Enero – Abril The Santiago de Cuba earthquake of 11 June MarkFrom Sight to Light: Island forming mud volcano in Trinidad, British West Indies. Characteristic properties of the Nicaragua tsunami. Alaska and Its Resources. A revised bottom-up emission inventory was made which included the semi-volatile components.

The annual register, or a view of the history, politics, and literature, for the year The landslide tsunami of November 3,Skagway Harbor, Alaska. Retrieved November 3, from http: Two Kamchatka earthquakes. The study illustrates diversity in fire emissions and importance of processed fire emissions and formation of secondary species, including biogenic secondary species, in northern Australia.

Toomer expressed some skepticism regarding Schramm’s view, [77] arguing that caution is needed to avoid reading anachronistically particular passages in Alhazen’s very large body of work, because at the timehis Book of Optics had not yet been 433 translated from Arabic.