Closer inspection reveals that the Dragonlasers pointer is a 35mW version making it significantly less powerful than the Wicked Lasers pointer we looked at. Enjoy your green lasers while they are young: All I really care about is the laser itself. If you buy the 35mW version wanting to burn, slash or melt you will be disappointed. Joined Feb 5, Messages 6, Points Laser in Use If you have small children, dogs or cats in your home the laser pointer is great fun. It’s not confirmed, but one of the main reason that DL is more expensive than buying the “same thing” direct from CNI, is that DL actually pays slightly more or they have some kind of a deal worked out so CNI gives them the “better” models, with better beam specs and better diodes.

And is it a good burner? It didn’t come with a carry case like I thought it would, but I can live with that. Joined Jan 10, Messages 21 Points 0. Forums New posts Search forums. Get the free Tracker App now. Bubbly Surprise in Orange in Stock at Amazon. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Enjoy your green lasers while they are young:

Viper 95mW Green Laser Pointer Outdoors | Dragonlasers – No … | Flickr

Not DL’s faut, but waiting for such an awsome toy to laseg delivered was agonizing. The lazer is visible in a lit room. It was the switch that actually broke, the diode was actually still working, but the lens got scratched and it was just beat. How Pervasive will Automation be in the Future of Finance? Laser in Use If you have small children, dogs or cats in your home the laser pointer is great fun. Their prices are a little high, their less than wicked, but you get what you pay for definitely as eudaimonium said!


Within an hour I got a phone call from Frank and he solved the problem for me. Joined Jan 9, Messages 28 Points seriez. Joined Jan 10, Messages 21 Points 0.

Dragonlasers Viper Series 35mW Green Laser Pointer Review

I’ll keep this seriies mind next time i go to buy a laser. The back cap for the batteries threads into the laser nicely, unlike the DX style pens that squeak when you unscrew them. In other words, DL gives you a better chance of getting an overpowered diode or having a really good beam divergence. Final Thoughts Overall, this is an interesting and fun toy to play with, but if you have your heart set on lighting matches, melting plastic or cutting electric tape, you will want to spring for the mW laser at minimum other wise all you have is an uber laser pointer.

Enjoy the pictures attached, please take note that I used a crappy phone camera and that these pics don’t do justice to how bright the laser is and how visible the beam is either.

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Too bad Viagra is Blue I am very satisfied with this laser and I am glad I purchased from DL. Mar 141: If I emailed them a question they responded quickly and were really helpful.

NES Classic Updates for Word of advice to others: Joined Jan 20, Messages 3, Points 0. This laser is well worth it.

Dragonlasers 95mw Viper Review | Laser Pointers

Home Forums Lasers Reviews. But after buying that laser from DX, I was very impressed with green lasers. Verdict Conclusion Pros Cool green color Bright enough to see in the daylight Cons Not powerful enough to burn or melt stuff Verdict The Dragonlasers Viper Series 35mW laser is great if you buy it with the understanding that you are really just getting a very bright laser pointer with a cool green beam that can be seen in the daylight. I have commented on the forums several times about my OLD DL95 which I got about 3 years ago I was impressed that it put out over 95 mW and I’ve carried it in my pocket every day since.


Viper 95mW Green Laser Pointer Outdoors

Enjoy your green lasers while they are young: Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. DL informs me that like me, green lasers age and loose performance even at a vlper minutes a week of usage.

Once again it’s not for sure, but I remember hearing about this a while ago and it seems to make sense peace -cmak. Fortnite Nerf are in Stock for Pre-order on Amazon.

It now averages about 78 mW but still burns some stuff even with new e2 cells. Joined Jan 7, Messages 6, Points Infact when I was trying to order the laser I was having an issue with deries computer accessing the pay site.

You can’t even look at the dot for too long because it is just painful. What the Dragonlasers Viper Series 35mW laser is good for is use as a pointer for lectures, this thing is much brighter and cooler looking than the plain red pointers and throws a very large and easy to see green dot even in bright rooms and full sun light.