While the subtitle track will play at its normal speed, each press of the H key will causes it to start 50 ms later than normal AKA a ms delay , pushing all the subtitles back by that much. However, if you use manual method, you can do the same by 1ms. I wish there was a similar facility for solving issues when the subtitles have a different FPS. This is also possible to change subtitle duration time as well. There is a much more easy way to do this via the advance synchronisation functionality of VLC. Download the recommended software to help you. We have to admit that watching movie with delayed subtitle will bring relatively worse watching experience. Open a video, tap on the screen and follow these steps:

Post as a guest Name. Here provides another free and efficient way to help you permanently fix the VLC subtitle delay issue so that you will never be bothered by the problem of how to adjust subtitles in VLC. Atul Soman Atul Soman 1. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. It also works great with external subtitles. The speed of subtitles is normally adjusted to the video. In case, your subtitles are ahead of the video, you need to enter the positive value of that particular amount of time, which can be called as delayed and then continue the process of refreshing. I already synchronized movie and subtitles by using VLC.

Why would VLC not allow you to simply save this setting out to a file that gets automatically loaded with the movie when you open it? You are sure to see the noticeable change with your subtitles.

Adjust, delay, speedup Subtitle Speed in VLC Media Player

Apart from Linux, I love classic detective sbutitles. Like what you read? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Therefore, follow this article to learn 3 simple and workable solutions to fix VLC subtitle delay issue. Adjustment of Subtitles Delay on Windows Part 2. That means it will speed up the appearance of your subtitle. Recommended by the author.


[Solved] How to Fix VLC Subtitle Delay Issue Without Any Hassle

And follow the instruction of how to add subtitles to video delsy solving subtitle delay in VLC permanently. However, sometimes, we may be plagued by VLC subtitles delay issue. Give it a look to another answer and to the full help of vlc. Open VLC media player.

VLC Media player can do a lot with subtitles. Hit the three dots options button on the screen interface Press the sixth button from the top Tap the plus and minus button to increase or subtiyles subtitle delay.

If this is the case, you can either: This one is better and so much easier to perform. If you are facing similar issues, you can check out this guide. If your subtitles are synced to a version of the film that happens to play a little faster or slower try downloading multiple versions of something and comparing how they play to see if they play at subtiyles exact same speed, especially something that has been released in multiple versionsa speed option can be a permanent fix that keeps you from having to constantly adjust the position of the words every 30 seconds if they go out of sync.

Open a video, tap on the screen and follow these steps:.

Here provides another free and efficient way to help you permanently fix the VLC subtitle delay issue so that you will never be bothered by the problem of how to adjust subtitles in VLC. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

You can easily synchronize subtitles with keyboard shortcuts G and H within the application. To delay a subtitle: In case, you are looking for the permanent solution, then the only solution left is to find the perfectly synced subtitles. For this use the G key on your keyboard. Email Required, but never shown. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. When I completely remove my old version and install a new version, they are still G and H for me.


Press repeatedly or long press in order to delay a subtitle time according to your choice.

Adjust, delay, speedup Subtitle Speed in VLC Media Player

If you click on the down celay, it will be hastened. Subtitles are the way to the great help, in case we are in need for some genuine help. To sync the subtitle with the movie, play the movie along with the subtitle in VLC player.

The adjustment of the subtitles mentioned above on both the platforms are just temporary and they the sync done, will be gone the next time, you open the same video. Amanda Blake Amanda Blake vl 1.

Click “Advanced Settings” Move the Delay into the minus if the subtitles are too fast. As sjbtitles before, you will get more options using this technique. With VLC for Mac mine is v3.

If you use keyboard shortcut, you can either delay or speed up the subtitle by 50ms. September 2, at 9: If these subtitles are out of sync with videos, they can distract to a great extent and can create confusion and spoil the complete flavor of the video.

Minus values vl up subtitle and vice versa; Hit OK then hit Open. May be your default shortcut keys mqc edited somehow. If the subtitle of your movie is 2 seconds faster than the scene, you should input 2.

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