The Story of a Murderer Han Ji Sook is a single mum who falls deeply in love with a wedded man. The half-hour show tackles the hottest showbiz issues hosted by Cristy Fermin, Mr. Flower Shop Maalaala Mo Kaya lit. Its success also spawned a recap show that airs during weekdays every 7: Joanna Makes Her Move on Daniel

Daniel begins calling Emily ‘Mama’ and the two become closer together. Through Margaret’s meddling, Emily finds out about the bet and confronts Marco about it. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Tomas tricks Katerina into signing a power of attorney that gives him the right to do whatever he wants with their farm. Daniel loses his inheritance and he worries about how Tomas will handle his old boss’ dying business. Daniel and Katerina admit they are already a couple to Genia. Will probably be hosted by stand-up comedian Vice Ganda all of which include interviews of further visitors and showbiz personas. Geleen Eugenio will hand over the choreography to her son Miggy, but she will become the chief adviser of the new…More:

Emily still insists on buying the Montenegro property and continues to befriend Johanna.

Johanna insists on seeing Manila’s night life with Daniel. Ginebra vs GlobalPort — September 30, They officially become a couple but Katerina asks Daniel to keep their relationship secret as her father wants her When Katerina continues to reject him, Nathan gets into an angry state that Jane was needed to calm him We want a PBA that is competitive.

The stories of his wonderful triumphsordealsregretsand medieval achievements are proven in this pinoy TV drama. In Milan, Marcelo’s son wants to contest his father’s will after Emily refuses to give him half of the land.

Joanna Makes Her Move on Daniel Sensing that Katerina is bothered, Nathaniel tries to cheer her up by taking her shopping.


The series follows the life and love of… More: Tomas and Daniel get into another fight and the former forbids the latter from ever entering their home.

Nathan announces to his family that he wants to propose marriage to Katerina. Tomas thinks of ways in making Katerina’s suitor Nathan a cash cow for him and his buddies.

Tomas leaves his father’s wake to pay off his debts using the money from the mortgage. Video 1 Alternative Video… More: Hajggan program is same in style and presentation with the defunct magazine program Balitang K which was also hosted by Korina Sanchez.

The pinoy tv newscast is anchored by Vicky Morales. Daniel loses his composure and gets into a fistfight with Tomas.

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Katerina lies and says William doesn’t want her to have a boyfriend until she finishes high school. Emily Goes After Margaret Daniel Endures Tomas for Katerina Henya Holds on to Her Secret It will be co-hosted by Malaysia and Thailand and will take place from 24 November to 22 December By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

She tells them not to rush into falling in love as Katerina is still very young. By continuing past this page, and by your ocrober use of this site, you agree to be bound by and abide by the Terms of Use. On May 4, Filipina singer Pilita Corrales was confirmed to be the 4th judge for the show. Nathan continues to strike a deal with Tomas regarding Katerina and the money he will be loaning him.

William changes his mind about making Daniel leave.

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The Montenegros give their condolences to Tomas and Katerina. Genia tries to return the money to Marco, thinking he was the one who opened the account for her. Having no choiceCecilia ride the car parked beside her. The police appear at Tomas’ home but Daniel denies being maltreated in any way. Add Image S1, Ep7. Each of the 16 aspirants will undergo training at the AATA as episodr scholars. The lovers separate and Emily lies as she tells Marco that she never loved him and she just used him for his money.


This site uses cookies. Tomas uses blackmail to make his father’s lawyer lie and court, making the court’s decision in his favor. Tomas tells Katerina she should marry Nathan to save their hacienda.

The Story of a Murderer Posted: Tomas, on the other hand, hears his sister say she loves Daniel and would go with him anywhere. Noted specialists from the Philippine entertainment industry and veteran artists will train the candidates…More: Han Ji Sook is a single mum who falls deeply in love with a octoebr man.

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Neverthelessas luck walsng have it Chul Soo gets into a vehicle accident and also loses all of his memories of Ji Sook. Marco could not help but ask Emily about their son but she denies even being pregnant. Emily visits Johanna at home but she was at William’s wake. Katerina Distances Herself from Daniel Create a free website or blog at WordPress.