What an hilarious fanservice episode. Akane is in heaven mode that she got to spend really close to Celia senpai. My anime blog Ganebare Anime. And i like her character. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. And this episode and it’s nice parts i do wonder what happened to the other clothing which we didn’t see tho. Thus the awfully “subtle” back-and-forth between the girls.

Walkure Romanze Episode 7 Disc So this series was recommended and has enticed me I’m very curious to see what the deal is with these guys and what they’ll do Walkure Romanze Episode 7 Discussion. Well, that was a rainy windmill adventure I guess. I wonder where was the announcement of this change? BBCode Modified by symbv, Nov 18, 3:

Olga Soohelal 3 years ago. Well, that was a rainy windmill adventure I guess.

I’ll continue to sub this series long as Official Monochrome Factor Episode 2 Ricardo Dimitri 4 years ago. Celia is such a babe and I loved all the yuri undertones ;D I wanted Akane to lose it and just jump all over Celia: That megane girl looked unobtrusive and likable.

Winter tl;dr Season Preview. Code breaker ep 4 eng dub RSR G 8 months ago. Oh well, its still better than that thing the National gallery of Canada paid 18 million for. Walkurre like to See Mizuno becoming a knight, altought that’s prob the bad ending “Fuck off bitches, I’m gonna be a fucking knight This show just continues to set up the bar for these kind of themes.


Devil may cry – full Episode 1 English sub Aashish Khadka 1 years ago. Thanks in advance Sit Back, Fortunately, his clothes got sliced to pieces and not himself.

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Thus the awfully “subtle” back-and-forth between the girls. I wonder if the English sub explained the joke behind it? The episode was mostly fan service and Celia’s stories about her somewhat strange knowledge from time to time. Want to gogoankme this video? I love how Takahiro just casually strolls down to the windmill flaunting the bra in his hand.

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This way, at least partially, the innuendo is kept intact. A bit reminded me of wzlkure megane girl from Gundam build fighters.

But at this rate, looks like it ain’t gonna happen The painting in the end was amazing. Just happy go lucky people.

It seems like they’ll fool around and go with an anime original ending. For good quality download it from http: More episodes to fill, but I highlight three developments that were funny: Neither Crunchyroll, nor Anime-Koi explained the joke. All rights reserved to their respective owners!!! If I wrote this episode I would have added way more drama.


I watch this show for ecchi lols Akane and Celia are so hot together. Funny how the animal in this anime is smarter than human characters. I like to see hentia anime for these two.

I really wanted to make a Noblesse video,but it was gogoanie to me to find a suitable song. LOL that art at the end, the scream: Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

Blazblue Episode 2 full dub kazuto kirigaya 3 years ago. I was fooled by Yotaro Friedrich. Next episode seems serious. It was even artistic. I feel like i’m watching a good yuri Hentai.