Wallace asks help from Gromit. Go left and check the trash can in front of the Mill Gate Inn. Go back and talk to the Constable talks about the Sniffer That will keep it busy. It is heavy and he gets hot. His name gets a smiley. Go to newsstand and talk to Edwina. Once liberated, the rodent will dash home, leaving Wallace with an energide battery.

Town Square Scratching on the police headquarters door results in the officer returning the Gorgonzola. Talk to either one of them. See a newspaper that shows the engagement of Wallace and Miss Flitt. Hear the report about the spies. The mallet becomes the handle of the newly made candy floss. Felicity knocks on the door and informs Wallace about the approval of her great aunt. He opens the door and sees that rain is pouring down. Comment on the searchlight in front of the cheese store.

It is about the victory party. As Wallace and Gromit: Use the spanner-wrench on the loose dirt left of the door or on Digger. Then he went to have his picture taken with a manly pose. Place the Sticky Nut Walkhtrough with the vermin with the other crates.

Use the fish flavoured ice cream with the crisp pie while the pie is on the table. I’d go home to Mr.

Yer in a right mess you are, Winnie Gabberley and no mistake! The bees bite Wallace. He orders 50 gallons of honey to be delivered by tonight for the Sounding of the Walkthrouhh festival.


Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures – Guides and FAQs

Wallace said that he used the last of the energides on Sniffer Take the porcelain key clue in one of the slots. Once you reach the tunnel, get Wallace to place the Growth Formula in the honey port on the left exterior of the vehicle. He falls asleep after his own waalkthrough story.

Paddle towards the circuit breaker and see that the tide flow pushes Gromit away. The guests are gathered in the dining room. Talk to Winnie Gabberley. Select the blue slicing club from the brass butler.

Play the word game and see Winnie adventure it to Mr. Read and automatically take the Pie Eating Contest signup form on the stand by the water fountain. There will be four of these point-and-click style adventures, but this walkthrough should have all the details necessary to get you through the first episode, “Fright of the Bumblebees”. He talks about his fund raising fair. Gromit strikes a pose camouflaged by the caricature. Use flag from the photo backdrop with Felicity.

Take the box of Strongium tea. Go back home by going left of the signpost close to Mr. Use the music box and see the dog pictured in the clue. Select the short hole to play the 17th hole. Push the red button on the box close to the fridge and see the sequence of events. That took care of the bees. Give Gromit’s old plush bunny toy to the scared pup.


McBiscuit takes over the toasting. Gromit looks close at machine. Use the tea time bell by the snooker’s table. Andd to clubhouse using the path by the mailbox. Exit the house and use the measuring club on the squirrel tree. See the ball hit the middle picture The Master – only picture in Prickly Thicket handbook.

Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PC – GameFAQs

Get flowers in a hurry. Wallace takes the Quick Grow Muscle Formula advertisement by the mail slot. Paneer at the gumball count tent and see that he is holding a flier. Paneer lends the searchlight. Nutter grabs the tea bag.

Read the Prickly Thicket handbook on the stand pass Mr.