Jin Ju comes in to have Ji Sun look at some ginseng for her. Thanks for doing these, momosan! Chun tracks down another opponent — Jung Tae San , who is known for going after wanted criminals to get rewards from the officers. You are commenting using your WordPress. Geum Dan Bi Supporting Cast. I don’t even know why I keep looking, I’m not going to watch this.

So all the players are in motion. He then treats his own arrow wound by lancing it with a flaming log. Un points out that their reason for coming was to kill Chun, there is no reason for killing anyone else. At the same time, Yeo Woon is also sharpening his skill at Hoksa Chorong. Episode 6 by Helcat. Instead we get a tableau of each of them collapsed, bloodied and still holding their swords. The royal forces arrive to find out what happened, but Hong1 spots them and runs away. I wished Chun would’ve taken care of his wound and “Daddy power activate!

Episode rrecap Episode Agreed – especially with his awesome episore There is a big demand for ginseng. Ginseng poachers are some of the scarier people to run into in the forest. Episode 17 Episode You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Just kill him already and spare us all his stupid screeching. I call him first ladies! Glad you included a cap of that scene where he barely touched her hand while she was sleeping.


I wished Chun would’ve taken care of his wound and “Daddy power activate! They hardly ever disappoint, I wish I can say the same for the adults.

[Recap] Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 16

Tae San wonders why Hwang Jin Gi is at the same level as his on the scroll. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Lord Hong tries to put the blame on the Japanese. He gives them a vial of medicine that will help, and asks where Jin Ju is. Ji urges Jin Ju to get out, but she refuses to leave without her. She asks him for a favor. And most of that for the closing scene, too! Dae Ung starts sniveling, and Sa Mo offers to kill him instead. Dae Ung corners them in an outbuilding.

Delilah May 30, at 8: I absolutely hated Un in the first part of this one. Jin Ki takes an arrow to the leg, and Jin Ju dojg ahead in alarm towards him. He tells her that will never happen.

The drama tells the story of Ha Well, that would be the Classic of Poetry, eh? He staggers his way to Ji, as Jin Ju begs him for help.

First Episode Recap: Warrior Baek Dong Soo – DramaPanda

He rips out a page of the list and hands it to Un for him to take care of. Just then we cut to Dong Soo and crew still investigating. It seems that the ginseng for the palace comes from the Hongs, and about half of it is false ginseng also known as Siberian ginseng.


Yoon So Yi Main Cast. I guess photo quality can make all the difference, but these photos look plain and Dae Ung replies that he will be on the winning side, and Chun epksode die. Un who of course is our masked man knocks Dae Ung down, and leaves him there.

Up in the mountains, Dong Soo is making progress with his learning. We jump right back in to the Prince presenting Dong Soo with a sword.

Sa Mo tells the 3 mountain boys that they are going to train until they can be bbaek guards. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Can’t wait for Lie To Me to end!