That shows you how wonderfully posh you are, that you lost your virginity in an award-winning restaurant. Jon Snow read out a fake news report on The Snowman. Three teams, of two celebrities each, are asked questions relating to the events of the year just gone by, which they write answers to on an electronic board in front of them. Not to him, not to him. This page was last edited on 7 February , at For the first Big Fat Quiz , broadcast on 27 December , the three teams of celebrities were:.

Start your free trial. Charles Dance read from ” List of the Lost “, the debut novel by Morrissey. Channel 4 News reporter Jon Snow returned to give fake news reports about songs of the year, reporting on ” Patience ” and ” America “. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Learn more More Like This. The first special was recorded in October [15] and aired on 5 January Episode 1 Series 1 cast list and preview”. The shows were recorded on 30 August, 12 September and 19 September.

British television show with a comedy panel in the style of a pub quiz. Russell Brand and Noel Fielding spent much of the show giving deliberately wrong — and surreal — answers, leaving them trailing far behind the other two teams.

The Big Fat Question featured several football team mascots for the teams to identify. Can you tell me three of the things Right Said Fred were too sexy for?

I think you’ll find he definitely was saying, ‘Which one will it be tonight? We are honoured to have one of the noughtise most iconic stars, please welcome, apologies, JackMr. Himself The Cheeky Girls Jon Snow reported on Queen ‘s ” Bohemian Rhapsody “. Retrieved 26 December The teams, which did or take team names, were: Himself – Contestant Alan Carr Helping Jimmy with the final question were some real penguins and an animatronic polar bear.


[Request] Big Fat Quiz of the ’00s in any decent quality : panelshow

Charles Dance read confusing online film reviews. The mystery guest was Liam Smyth, the student whose date got stuck between two windows trying to throw uqiz poo out after it failed to flush. Suiz guest questions were provided by Kriss Akabusi and Samantha Foxwho presented the final bonus question. There was also a discussion about changing Brooker and Mitchell’s team name to The Curmudgeons after they refused to nougyties to the Lady Gaga song ” Poker Face “.

Dancing is supposed to be like, an advertisement for how great you are in bed David and Claudia are also voicing an adult film, rather than filling the question in When they look over here now, they see a movie star [points at Russell Brand ] and a scientist. The pair had to collect silver and gold pieces of paper being blown around in a glass dome. The third episode aired on 28 August Lola, the cat put in a wheelie bin in August by Mary Bale appeared as a mystery guest.

If you’re watching, I’m sure by now you’ve paid your debt to society and you’re a perfectly reformed individual – but it was still fucking stupid. This show aired on 2 November Jon Snow reported on ” Milkshake ” by Kelis. Jon Snow gave his news report about ” Sex on Fire “. A second set of “decades” editions screened in September as well as a 10th anniversary special in January and a Big Fat Quiz of Everything in Januaryfollowed by a series of three episodes in August A lot happened this year; it was like an episode of Lark Rise to Candleford — except that a lot happened.

Charles Dance read from the autobiography of Jay-Z.


The Big Fat Quiz Of Everything – 2018 Special

bog This was until towards the end when Jimmy Carr bowed to the pressure of the studio audience, and gave them 22 points for answering one question correctly, which was the amount needed to bring them back into contention at the time and ensuring that they subsequently won the quiz.

Do you really want to open the show with a question about tax?

Diane Youdale the one-time Gladiator Jet provided a live guest question. Retrieved 31 October They were either watching themselves land A Dalek also appeared in the studio to ask the final bonus question, and to “exterminate” Carr at the end of the quiz.

Charles Dance read terrible online film reviews.

The second episode aired on 22 August What kind noyghties fucking boat do you think it was?! Full Cast and Crew. I have a pair of shorts down there.

You’re gonna be mortified when I tell you that they have gone for that exact same guess. Why is ‘human’ the qualifier before ‘woman’?

If you imagine what’s going on here on Romesh’s face Retrieved 1 December The show aired on 29 September This page was last edited on 7 Februaryat I dance for about 30 seconds. The show was recorded on 19 September and aired on 23 September The first edition was broadcast in December oc Beat as audience reacts Jimmy: Channel 4 News reporter Jon Snow returned to give fake news reports about songs of the year, reporting on ” Patience ” and ” America “.