Obviously it is an indie production but Long Time No See convinces with professional stunt scenes, great cinematography and an engaging script. Top Actors Add New Person. I have seen gay men once or twice as minor characters But I will talk a bit about the major problems in this post. She has a love interest on this drama also. You could try Gloomy Salad Days but it’s a taiwan drama. And I would prefer K-dramas, however, if there is a really good Japanese, Chinese, or Taiwenese drama please feel free to mention it below. I’m guessing that it’s not easy to be open, if viewers even complain about things they see on TV.

An Jihee Very short so not much plot, but a fun and cute story. You can give it a try. Well they weren’t together, but in Two Weeks I was totally shipping the prosecutor and her friend Imma be delusional and think they were actually together tho. This is something I want to know, too! Thank you very much for your replies! And like someone mentioned before, Last Friends. Kangwoo The director manages to make an escapist fantasy feel real and delivers a summery feel-good movie which I can only highly recommend. Despite the grim set-up and the violence the story is absolutely wholesome.

An opinionated guide and recommendations https: The working conditions, the issue of quality, censorship and playing it safe and the spoiled and cruel audience, The only example I can think that has a lesbian relationship, even if it’s caused by misunderstandings and is a bit onesided, is “Painter of the Wind”. More “Stop the broadcasting! And I would prefer K-dramas, however, if there is a really good Japanese, Chinese, or Taiwenese drama please feel free to mention it below. It involves both lesbian and gay couples though it focuses more on the latter.


This one is onlnie two oonline school girl. Singers and actors alike. Part 2 7 hours ago.

Entertain Me LGBT — Daughters of Club Bilitis

The acting is good and the chemistry is through the roof. Can Muyeong watfh the courage to confess? The acting is terribly awkward at times but got surprisingly what a plot-twist really good during the romantic and sexual scenes. Slightly awkward chemistry at first but bold moves follow early on with comedic episodes. I have seen gay men once or twice as minor characters HanCinema’s Fof Facebook group will keep you updated on the latest in Korean movies and dramas!

And feel free to add some more to the list if anyone else can think of a few more. Be sure to leave your own suggestions in the comments!

Hide ads with VIP. The first step is to be a member, please click here: I’ll definitely take a look at them. A tough place to be, for an artist.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The aspect you’re looking for is one-sided though. Daughters of Club Bilitis Summary: Everything is available on vimeo with english subs and sometimes even more. What’s the ot drama that actually excited you all the way through? Rate the Drama above You 21 minutes ago.


All I know is that in Kisarazu Cat’s Eye the teacher said she was a lesbian, but it turned out she was having a mid-life crisis. However, there is a Taiwanese and a Thai movie that you might be interested in. And like someone mentioned before, Last Friends. Wach so much because we can’t watch dramas with gay characters, but it’s sad for Korean lesbians.

But I dropped that drama, so I don’t know for sure. Just the pure joy of this lesbian couple gives me life. Several opinions about the drama were posted on the bulletin for ” Drama Fred – The Daughters of Club Bilitis ” as soon as the broadcast started.

A Lesbian Drama Series Shocked South Korea

Have you watched Daughters of Bilitis Club. The husband then hires a young art school graduate named Shoji Itakura.

My HanCinema Sign upWhy? Fot of these are indie productions with mostly amateur actors so my rating will be a little bit more lenient. Especially Kim Yura as Suyeong convinces and I might have a crush on her now.