Tamamori Yuta is the only one I find handsome in the three ikemen dramas. He’s like a korean hyung Taisuke never had. CLICK it’s only roughly translated tho.. Now I’m more convinced she needs to lie even tho she’s a nun. Temptation Of Wife Episode Though of course his teeth are adorbs for other people.

My fave here is Jeremy.. I’m Melvin, a new fan of this drama. The quality was like LQ-MQ u will get buffer most of the time but at least it better than nothing haha Btw nice meeting u. By 0ly40 Started November 7, By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, His role in Misaki No. This site does not store any files on its server.

I thought Hikaru was a cute child but admittedly, I wasn’t liking him that much when he was growing up. The Japanese cast has raised concerns within Korean fans and received criticism from netizens who say that there is dfsu visual appeal than in the original and the cast has an entirely different look.

About Ren hmm i think he does cesu me feeling of domyoji haha and of course i like his hair than Tae Kyung haha.

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Don’t get me wrong, I was a Shinwoo fangirl but Taisuke just gave the role more depth. Posted July 21, He is really jolly and childish. Acting wise, to be honest, Watcj actually enjoyed Taisuke’s acting more than Yonghwa’s.

Posted July 22, I’m Melvin, a new fan of this drama.

I’m streaming ep 2 now but anyone had encounter that today episode is like about 30 mins lateAnyone had the same warch, don’t know is it my connection or keyhole tv problem? Episode 2 is out Raw Video: Ep 2 had warch ended till the part when console Mio, You can try using Keyhole tv and watch it,note that it will still buffer and the quality still ok, Maybe you can try dailymotion.


Though while watching the episode, I can see his handsome features and it’s just his thin face and teeth that are amiss. I don’t really find him that appealing but I think I need to see him act more to judge him. I love how they’re building the Mio-Shu relationship in this so the second lead’s dedu to put up a fight. After i watch the 1st 2 eps i certainly agree that i prefer Shuu acting than Shinwoo, i wpisode you can say the acting have much more depth as compared to Shinwoo.

My fave here is Jeremy.


All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. It will just become parody like if it’s a remake with popular actors though that would be entertaining. Taisuke isn’t your conventional handsome guy, but like Hikaru he’s got all the right features, tall nose and deep-set eyes, which for me, makes him handsome! By kaiskloset Started November 14, He may not stand out like yonghwa but for me, acting is my prority over appearance, if the show is filled with bad acting skills no matter with how many pretty faces and ikemens, i would probably will get sick of it and give up.

She is pure, but prone to make mistakes.

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He’s like a korean hyung Taisuke never had. She’s the prettiest among the 4 of them. There are a lot of Korean actors with Taisuke’s features but I guess the difference is the tan.

And no, I’m not being biased because I hated Taisuke’s drama last season and gave up after 2 episodes. Ikemen Desu Ne – Episode I’ve been waiting for ep 2 the whole day, but I don’t know how to stream it live, so I just keep refreshing tudou. Maybe people aren’t used to a Japanese being so tanned skin like that.


I want him to drop his lines like Domyouji. Legend Of Fu Yao Episode Hopefully this drama will let me to continue to watch japanese dramas as I came back from a long hiatus from watching Korean dramas.

The j-version isn’t received well. He just didn’t go wood stoic with his role and I felt lots of feelings from his expressions. Subscribe Subscribe to DramaCool mailing list to receive updates on anime and news. Shin Woo here is ineffective.

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The only thing they need to work on more is chemistry. JELL instead of her twin brother Mio who fought. Add and Subtract Game. Ikemen Desu Ne – Episode 6. I can’t see him competing to tae kyung.

He is self-centered and often Although he isn’t as cute as the original, he is soo funny. Empress Ki Episode Englisn “You’re Beautiful” not received well by Korean fans. Ikemen Desu Ne – Episode 1.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Running Man game Show Episode Softsub by Dark Smurf Sub: I’ve never tried watching in livestream xdd. My Minds Flower Rain Episode CLICK it’s only epissode translated tho. Oshin Episode Though of course his teeth are adorbs for other people.

The quality was like LQ-MQ u will get buffer most of the time but at least it better than nothing haha Btw nice meeting u.