On her way home, Hino meets Manami, the owner of the music shop; he tells her about a salon concert so she goes to watch it. Hino decides to help Lili and to practice hard. As she is about to call for a doctor, Tsukimori stops her. Lili shows up happy but tells her that even if the strings are replaced, it won’t be a magical violin anymore. After exchanging pleasantries, Yunoki begins to get hostile and calls Hino annoying. Hino apologizes to Tsuchiura about him being in the concours and he rubs her head and says that it’s alright and she begins to blush. Enter your username or email to reset password.

Mar 26, to Jun 05, Status: The next day, Hino goes to the roof to practice, hoping to immerse herself with practice other than drowning in her guilt, discovers Yunoki already practicing on the roof. The next day, Hino again brings the violin. While there, Shimizu tells her a truth; that she herself did not know about her: Hino apologizes to Tsuchiura about him being in the concours and he rubs her head and says that it’s alright and she begins to blush. Amou helps the both of them to choose the clothes for the upcoming selection. She finds Kanazawa making a snack for himself and asks her to join him. Later, Hino encounters Tsuchiura, and on her request, he plays for her.

At the concert hall, Kahoko sees the other concourse participants. He says he epissode her to hear his music. These shortcuts only works with our main server and external servers that support the standard. Going home, he passes across the soccer club. After the concert, Hino tells everyone that she will play a song that is more like her and says she’s going to do her best. Azuma tells Kanazawa that he will withdraw from the concourse because he’s going to epsode in England.

On the day of the first selection, Hino turns up dressed informally through her ignorance. After exchanging pleasantries, Yunoki begins to get hostile and calls Hino annoying.

After hearing him play, Hino is able to recall the feelings and with the magic violin, she is able to play the piece, which Lili tells her is Schubert ‘s Ave Maria. Episode two introduces Len Tsukimori, a highly talented but very conceited second year music student.


Kiniro no Corda: Secondo Passo

Since Hino has started to play the violin without the magic, it sounds horrible. Episode 1 An Unbelievable Prelude. Hino realizes that she has no choice but to keep Yunoki’s personality to herself because no one will believe her compared to the perfect, kind student, Yunoki. To thank her Kaji kisses her hand. Lili eoisode up happy but tells her that even if ppasso strings are replaced, it won’t be a magical violin anymore.

Yunoki shows Hino the Queen of the Night flower which only blooms once on a summer night.

Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo – Hitonatsu no Encore ยท AniList

Hihara also tells her his story about the time ccorda quit track team to play the trumpet. There she meets Shimizu and they watch the concert together. Have an issue with the staff or wish to file a ban appea, click here. Tsuchiura steps forward from the audience and takes the place of Hino’s accompanist.

Episode 13 The Irreplaceable Melody. During the performance, Hino’s accompanist ducks out, criticizing Hino’s lack of commitment to music practice. The next day, practicing at the park, Kazuki waits for Kahoko to finish practice and they go to a cake shop.

Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo – Hitonatsu no Encore

Then she invites Shoko to eat cake and all the guys were fascinated to see the prrimo Hino. It’s already late at night and Hino can’t sleep. While Amou asks Hino which one of the five she likes the guys look waiting for her answer until Azuma comes and makes eavesdropping done for. They epjsode not contain questionable content ex: When Kazuki is injured, Hino runs inside the court to aid him. She encounters Amo at the stair way.

kijiro Actually, Yunoki told Kahoko about a fiance “candidate”, Ayano, and how she was being too persistent in chasing after him. She thanks him because he is the first person who showed her the beauty of the sound of the violin.

She has then decided that she doesn’t want to be episoce with her violin and wants to continue to play it. Eventually another girl offers to accompany her and she accepts. Putting up a smiling facade, Yunoki inquires Hino if she thought about what he said, about quitting the concourse.


Kanazawa asks Hino corad come with them shopping for food and souvenirs, leaving Tsuchiura, Hihara, Yunoki and Tsukimori at home. Tsuchiura finally decides to quit soccer to pursue the concourse. Hihara and Tsuchiura plays Entertainer to get the attention of people so that they can handout the flyers. She thanks Lili because he was the one who introduced her to music.

The second season has only two episodes, the first of which aired on March 26, and the second on June 5, In the end, Hino comes last in the selection and Tsukimori comes first. They both played Gavotte there. He pushes Hino onto the bed and threatens her. The next day, Keiichi looks for her in the practice room but instead saw Len and told him that he wants to hear Kahoko’s music.

Episode 21 N More, Andante. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Next day, wtch go to the beach to have some fun. Afterwards, they get to meet the performers and Hino is asked to play her violin.

After teasing her and calling her names, he calls her by her first name, indicating intimacy. Eventually, Hino finds Tsukimori, but by the time they return to the backstage area, the audience is already leaving.

Nakata, they go to Manami Instruments to buy new string. Inside the store, the storeowner shows a video of Tsukimori when he was still in elementary where he joined a concourse. The story continues after the intraschool music competition of the first game and anime series.

She is very strict and tells them to leave. Episode 26 A Summer Encore. Yunoki takes her wwatch and drags her to the nurse’s office. Languages Italiano Edit links.