But seriously, that was greatly appreciated. First, I would like to thank everyone for making my first entry such a success!!! Long before we attended those pseudo-scary-excuse-for-socializing Halloween parties Not generalizing on this though, party on! Real Life Trolling What the heck did I just watch? Because Anderson Cooper always deserves space. A tragic past full of accidents and murders echoes strongly in the Laperal White house. Subscribe to our Newsletter!

Open Your World Raise those flags, please. Man, Just Ascend Already. The Wonder Woman, Epilogue: Now that is just awesome. Its goal was to expose illegalities in the Philippine government and to give public service to the Filipino people. They Were Real People I have a very simple name-Allan.

Check out the lulzy commercial LOL. Not to blame them though because I was always given a choice whether to watch it or not. Subscribe to our Newsletter! Pride Minister Chris Mears: So I got some weapons. It is the topic of a gruesome urban legend where the rushed construction resulted in the collapse of the highest floor in November 17, We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on FemaleNetwork.

A Different Kind of Feminist She is no man. Wonder Gal Wonder Week: Social Relevance Indecent Oppression You walk and you walk. Time to get yours. Despite the controversies that hounded her in her latter years, Whitney Houston will always be a […].


The undisputed Queen of Halloween and subject of my childhood nightmares, Peace! For those who miss the episodes like me, here’s a treat. A tragic past halloween of accidents and murders echoes strongly in the Laperal White house.

Noli De Castro brings back iconic “Magandang Gabi Bayan” spookfest in “Kababalaghan” TV special

Cut Loose Can you handle the truth? And sometimes I wish I had a different name. How did you get in here? Now that is just awesome. Kababalaghan ng Lumang Tahanan A tragic past full of accidents and murders echoes strongly in the Laperal White house. Don’t Tick Off The Tiktiks!

A former community theater director, a pre school teacher and a frustrated Star In A Million contestant, Allan hopes of conquering the big stage for a spotlight one day.

I can still remember the times when my cousins and I were always looking forward to watching it with all lights off.

How Magandang Gabi Bayan Made Our Undas / Halloween Special

Mail will not be published required. Imagine watching a film in this theater and turning your head to the side, only to see a ghost sitting beside you…. Buffy Week, Day 3: Primitive Beings Justice Week: American voters, we’re in your hands. Luckily, some of the magandsng are in youtube! White Lady ng Loakan A beautiful ghostly apparition haunts Nalloween Road in Baguio, hails and speaks to drivers, kills car engines and suddenly disappears.


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Kabayan Noli De Castro – KABABALAGHAN – Magandang Gabi Bayan – video dailymotion

Playing with Legends Chameleon Wonder. Homophobia knows no color or creed. No, you’re just self-entitled. Crafted with by Templatesyard Distributed by Blogspot.

I, on the other hand, would grab the nearest pillow and brace myself for whatever magandan comes along. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

Something For Noche Buena? Is This The Real Life? Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good. It was rumored that workers who were stuck in the rubble were never rescued.