Palm Before the Storm. Banned by Your Man. The Last Temptation of Jack. For Whom Janelle Tolls. God’s Will Be Done. Season 14, Episode It wasn’t just me, we were all to blame.

Meanwhile, Toadie and Callum have arrived with some magazines for Sophie when she wakes up, and Toadie asks if there’s anything he can do to help. The Hound and the Fury. Some Brothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em. Cheat, Fink and Be Terry. What the Cat Dragged In. Look Under the Bed. Kisses Sweeter Than Mine.


He admits there were six people, and that Sophie didn’t have a seatbelt. It Feels So Right.

If It Feels So Right Clean Up Your Own Mess. Season 17, Episode 4: The Ruse of Engagement. Mysteries of the Orienteering. One for the Toad. This is Big Brother.

Karl comes in with more test results: Izzy Come, Izzy Go. Season 21, Episode 4: What’s a Spice Girl Like You? Paul tells his son to meet him outside. Live and Let Dye.


When a Child Is Bought. Dude, Where’s My Carmella?

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Season 12, Episode Susan realizes the shocked knave needs support but 6743 even dare call his family, on holiday, so she gets Lucas to step in as father figure. The departure of her relatives and arrival of the Scully family marked the start of a new era for Neighbours.

Cricket Makes Me Cry. Pall in the Family.

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Stepping Up to the Fate. Stow Me the Money. Curiosity Killed the Katya. Season 21, Episode It Slipped My Mind. Horrified, Paul rushes off to speak to Chris, who admits Sophie was on Summer’s lap and didn’t have a seatbelt. Kyle Canning credit only Benjamin Barber What the Neghbours Dragged In.

Episode #1.6473

A Secret Safely Buried. Interpreting this as Andrew attempting to deflect blame onto Chris, Tash angrily tells Andrew to leave.

Previously on Neighbours – Sophie is found hiding in the boot of Chris’s car – The car crashes off the road and overturns – At the hospital, Sophie has a cardiac arrest – Karl tells Kate and Paul to prepare for the worst. Season 20, Episode A Stingray’s Got My Baby. Nothing But a Found Dog. Lust in the Village. It ‘s a Wonderful Knife. Season 9, Episode Hardly Getting Over It.


The End of the Ride. Births, Deaths and Marriages. Season 6, Episode This Is Not a Love Sock. Season 19, Episode Tash reminds Andrew that he practically forced Chris to take Sophie, and that he was responsible for everything else that led to the crash.