It would be lame if the “first loves” didn’t get reunited. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I watched it n’ I thought it was a cute and funny! Ani April 1, at 7: Unfortunately for the team of 5, they get a dud hi maknae FD! Left 3, Gary, JK and Ace and they lost?

Is it me or is there some kind of theme going on? For that reason I was also ‘distressed’ and dejected at Ha Ga In’s ‘revelation. Well I hope the show is not going to stagnate. Subtitles are on their way — hold on tight! Blue Gary, Ga-in, Jae-suk, Kwang-soo vs. Maybe they shouldn’t put too much focus on guests and better take turns.

Since the teams are uneven, Ga-in reserves the choice to bring someone over to their team. GKH April 28, at 7: I really don’t have anything against female invitees, but they need to be strong and fearless. I could barely finish watching! I felt the same way too. Sometimes, they work 78 a team and cooperate for one common goal. That discreet but sweetest smile was just too cute; knowing full well his delusion but then knowing also that in amidst this ‘game’ he might for a moment play out his fantasy.

Then when Jong-kook shows her how, she readily follows and ends up with loose, tousled hair. It seems that the guests always win?

Sometimes, even when the guests win though, they’re usually paired up eep one or two of the Running Runniny cast. Each member enters with a nostalgic picture in their hands. Joo Ji Hoon Cameo. Well at least Ga-in is catching the hoops better than her teammates. I know his kryptonite is women but there was something different in this episode; subtle but significant.


Yeah, the game itself wasn’t that great, but I did love the interaction among the cast members.

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Is it me or is there some kind ksyownow theme going on? While maybe not the best of the RM eps, I thought the past 2 eps were a good deal more enjoyable than the 2 eps featuring Big Bang which was basically one big ‘hide and seek’ game which rhnning a bit boring since it didn’t lead to much interaction btwn the cast themselves, much less the guests.

Subtitles are kshownod their way — hold on tight! HGI is supposed to be quite competitive and not all girly-like unlike her imagebut one only saw glimpses of that here; just recently watched some of the earlier eps of RM and it reminds me of Ji-hyo acting all proper at the start and not letting her real personality shine thru until later.

You will be brought to mann each week from laughing at their silly antics. I enjoyed this episode too! Thank you Choo Shin-Soo. And man, did mini Haha rolled deep back in the day! Lee Jong Suk Cameo. Then he pleads when Spartakooks teasingly rips his name on and off.

So much for maintaining that pristine graceful actress image. Pffft — are you trying to say that none of your cast members are handsome? LOL for badminton game and sit up kiss. Her memories returned, Ga-in needs five name tags in order to unearth her time capsule.


I didn’t think this episode was all that awesome either. Nursing a flu, needed to re watch some old eps. Park Shin Hye Cameo. We had such great fun recently!

Cast runnng Running Man. The couple head outside to track down their time capsule — and how convenient that the hiding place lights up in the dark. The green jokes continue too as Kwang-soo complains about his white pants getting grass stains Jong-kook: Tiger become tame and gentle is LAME! You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

I think Ha Ji Won’s episode is the most fun one Kwang-soo is busy searching for more clues himself. He still dutifully follows her to the end and leaves with a smile on his face, handing over his acquired name tag so she can finish her mission.

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I just directly skipped to the ending part when HGI is starting to find her first love. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Song Ji Hyo Main Cast. And of course Haha immediately dismisses Gary, Kwang-soo, and Suk-jin.