As if I never wanted to die once. I wonder if the sacrifice came because the writer got focused on Secretary Wang? I think the story between Moo-chul and Soo gets told well. It was an amazing and beautiful journey.. If you have a couple of minutes, you could check out the YT vids I embedded. I personally rather enjoyed allowing Show to mess with my head with the fauxcest. Soo loves Jin Sung just as fiercely, and both men demonstrate multiple times how each cares for the other more fiercely than himself.

Taking all her children and grandchildren with her. Later that same episode, Jin Sung tells Moo Chul to kill him too, and rages at him, getting completely beaten up in the process. But, on the up side, many recent dramas, like That Winter the Wind Blows, have been filmed so beautifully that I find that all the pretty visuals make up for some of the letdown in the logic department. But I will say that his delivery as Oh Soo is nuanced and detailed. Because her story took a very weird turn. One more of the illogicals in this series, these young pretties are interchangeable for an older man like that.

Jin Sung is debt free now. But there were also things that left me scratching my head. Starts strong and quite wonderfully even, but also falters quite spectacularly towards the end. I managed 13 whole episodes — the last few with great difficulty — and have just officially tbat in the towel on that one!

She literally made Young go blind. If Soo was going to live, why have him stabbed anyway? A seeing person reads braille by using the fingers? I can imagine why your review was ranty! I think that affected Operation Proposal too.

It came about too late in the game to handle well. All traits of an interesting villain, to be sure. How did Moo Chul protect them, exactly? So what are we supposed to make of the ending, where Soo survives and Jin Sung is no longer trying to kill him to protect his family? Do brothers ask sisters this kind of question? The scenery is beautiful, and I know the leads had a lot of passion darmacrazy. Unless it went over their head or something.


What was the point in that?

I would have preferred if we had been privy to what was going on in her mind at dramacgazy points, instead of having to infer everything. The scene changes, and suddenly Soo and Young are kissing along the cherry blossom road where Young had walked earlier.

Someone wearing the same tinkly bracelet that Young gave Soo serves Young tea.

The fauxcest was unbelievably, disturbingly addictive, and the show was undoubtedly gloriously pretty. That Soo backed off on his principles just enough to clear Jin Sung of debt, says so much.

Sadly I usually expect lack of logic in most dramas these days, especially in the final episodes.

Or, that she never really stopped wanting to die? Of course we do!

I never saw this drama, but what a great review. I still fail to understand why Jin Sung had to stab Soo, especially if Soo got to wintef afterwards. Their chemistry is warm, sparky and very tangible, and any time they are onscreen together, they bring the cute. And I was not amused. The show has now an average score of Thanks for the link to the movie, Lady G! That dramacrazh really is breathtaking.

And that was a good thing? Or even a simple scene in a windd Logic persists in her exodus, though, and by the time we reach the last stretch of the show, Logic has exited the building. Kirsten August 21, at Some of her scenes were truly outstanding. Yes, the drama did start to unravel somewhere in the middle.

Review: That Winter, The Wind Blows

Your observations made me giggle, Toove! She doesn t even put on the safety belt in the car by herself? The skillful camera-work, the intense, rich color palette, the careful lighting and their beautiful subjects all come tnat to make lots and lots of Pretty on our screens.


Would I feel messed up too? When you start out all prose, we kind of expect you to winnd least sustain the logic of the prose all the way through. I mean, just look at him: I liked that she was steely and refused to be pushed around despite her blindness.

There are 3 — well, more like 3 and a half — main reasons that I decided to check out this show: I stuck it out to the end because it was so atmospheric and so pretty to look at, but honestly, there were many wonky things about this one. If nothing else, this show is absolutely beautiful to look at.

It was an amazing and beautiful journey.

Omodramaland: [REVIEW] That Winter The Wind Blows

The most hilarious part of this show was his model girlfriend who framed Wjnd Soo for embezzlement to make him stay in jail away from other girls while she went to America always travelling to the west. Even if it means punishing herself? Oh boy, this drama is a tough tht for me! I watched that ending and without having seen any other episode I knew they were living and breathing and there was some mix-up.

So lovely, and so full of pathos, mixed with sweet release. And that makes them immediately more sympathetic.