All she wants is some motherly love and attention. They are definitely opposite? HBIC fires Wakaba for dereliction of duty. Clearly they are going to be OTP forever and ever and find utter happiness together. The sassiness of Wakabe and the humbleness of Shota completes me. Wakaba must be blind. Why lawyer of all professions? All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.

Most guys get an X-nay, but one bachelor lawyer in the office looks promising. Wakaba schools him on her mantra — anything she does, she does it all the way. Wakaba has work to do, so Shota gladly offers to watch Hinata at his place of employment along with other kids. Oshin Episode Every time Ryo does his wounded face…. Empress Ki Episode A flustered Wakaba contacts a law firm that she had received an offer from, and ends up being employed by the firm run by Sakuragawa Shoko.

Princess Hinata and Pitaro too are super cute. As much as I love k-dramas, for some odd reason, the japanese ones crack me up and I end up smiling for days remembering a certain scene.

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My Minds Flower Rain Episode Wakaba explains the birds and the bees to Hinata, who thought kissing Emitaro was the way to make a baby. Clearly they are going to be OTP forever and ever and find utter happiness together.


Newer Post Older Post Home. Pfft, let Birl show her the basics. She gives it her all, and there is no possibility or room for failure in her vocabulary.

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Thank you for recapping. Boy was I wrong. Wakaba must be blind. Kissing is nothing special, Wakaba asserts.


Your email address will not be published. Anyway, thanks for sharing! HBIC fires Wakaba for dereliction of duty. Well, in her case, I must admit she has the right to ask that, considering that she is a very bright and talented lawyer. Why lawyer of all professions? She is perfect as Wakaba.

But above all else, I can sense that this drama has a lovely message to share. Omg I totally love this drama! She did graduate top of her class and passed her exam with the highest score. FYI a graduate from Tokyo University, only.

Thank you Thank you Koala-san! Any one know how many episodes are scheduled?

Wakaba refutes that romantic drivel. Sometimes I get a little frustrated with how materialistic wakaba is, but every time that happens Shota does something so swoon worthy I have to go back and yes, that includes just a smile on his part because Nishikido Ryo is HOT.


Could this be the first drama after Jin 2 to end the drought that is engulfing the Jdrama season?! Just as expected from waatch academic person, she based everything from logic and scientific explanations. Wakaba finds out her new job has a catch. The two sets of OTP meet outside the preschool. Skip to secondary content. Oops, too bad at the opening gala party for her new job, the firm goes under.

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First Impressions on Zenkai Girl with Aragaki Yui and Nishikido Ryo

Digital Monsters Episode The first time i saw Ryo-kun was in 1 liter of girrl. I was going to skip this jdrama but once i saw Ryo-kun in it. I found this drama out of boredom at Dramacrazy.