They then get into a fight about Won Joon’s kiss scene in his drama since So Hyun believes that it was requested by Won Joon. It’s the day of the Brave Couple’s housewarming party. Won Joon gets another call, but that is also bad for him and also results in another little couple fight about the kiss scene. The Brave Couple is still continuing to play with the lie detector at their housewarming party. Jinyoung says negative comments don’t bother him anymore. After eating lunch, they decide to learn how to make fig jam so they can use it as their housewarming gift for their guests. The Brave Couple goes on their date and So Hyun gets her wished fulfilled to ride a couple bike.

After finishing their painting, and being unsatisfied with it, they decide to call Won Joon’s brother to get his opinion, to which he gratefully adds some helpful tips. Memories are flying past as if it was a movie reel. The Brave Couple goes on their date and So Hyun gets her wished fulfilled to ride a couple bike. They follow along to an exercise video until So Hyun is then worried about Won Joon’s nieces coming to visit, which they are already on their way. They then rehearse for the night activity which is essentially a party. The Brave Couple is still enjoying their vacation While they are eating, Jin Pyo talks about Won Joon’s aegyo on the phone with his ex-girlfriends, which So Hyun says that she never got any aegyo from him. It’s the day of the Brave Couple’s housewarming party. I’ve been very happy during our time together.

Khuntoria get the mission to take part in a romantic movie “Eat, Jump, Love”. After that, they play badminton and “Disco Pang Pang” game together. It’s the day of the Brave Couple’s housewarming party. The Brave Couple try to give a couple activity a try, which picked out by Won Joon, is sewing. During dinner, Won Joon calles Kim Min-jong to ask about the relationship between him and So Hyun, to which Minjong makes jokes about them not getting divorced yet, about So Hyun coming over to his house without Won Joon, and how Won Joon should doubt their relationship.


The Brave Couples goes to a non-flowering michkhun fruitless agricultural farm where they pick figs—which are actually flowers. Woojung couple have their first vacation together to Yeong Deok. Consequently, they earned themselves a new couple name: Pre-orders for TXT’s debut album surpassescopies. So Wfdding then attacks Won Joon by saying that he had many more girlfriends than she had boyfriends. Star News in Korean.

Shin Ji then pulls out her secret gift, a lie detector. They later receive a mission to pick the five ‘must haves’ of a wedding house. Khuntoria plans a wedding ceremony and parodies the kiss charge scene in “The Greatest Love”.

They go through a series of tests to check on their health through a specific Chinese treatment. They attend the class together. So Hyun then draws a family tree to know the family njchkhun, the nieces then take the notebook and draw six children three boys and three girls underneath of Won Joon and So Hyun.

Won Joon then requests for her to dance ballet, which she agrees to and demonstrates to him her skill.

Final Khuntoria episode on ‘We Got Married’, Nichkhun reflects on his marriage to Victoria

Eunjung wants to see how good Jang Woo’s weddlng skills are. After the concert is completed, Won Joon prepares another surprise event for his wife at the concert venue. Brave Couple spend their first night in their newlywed home, rearranging the furniture and even doing newlywed things such as brushing their teeth together and having the wife apply facial cleaners.

Woojung couple enjoys their leisure time together outside the capsule house while drinking coffee personally made by Jang Woo. They later play games on the train that they played when they were students going on trips and singing songs. After becoming angry, Won Joon then goes to the sewing machine in the living room and begins to sew in frustration.

The Brave Couple arrive at the health clinic. Brave Couple continues their date at the amusement park, fulfilling the five missions that need to be done.

Victoria apologizes to Nichkhun by performing Sorry Sorry dances outside their house. Woojung couple went to a herb farm.

Won Joon then presents his solo concert for his wife, So Hyun, singing and dancing, singing to her while playing the piano and presenting her with a rose ending with So Hyun being touched to tears. Afterwards, they have lunch and plan a date for which So Hyun wants to ride a couple bike.


WGM Khuntoria Couple Episode 52

So Hyun then gets a package of a toy car that she had ordered using Won Joon’s card. After they eat, it is then time for the concert, to which they exchange hidden signals to look out for. After eating, they then decide to go out shopping since the nieces will be leaving for America within a few days.

The tears had a particularly profound impact, as it was the first time victlria Victoria showed tears in front of her husband. They then go to victodia water games where Won Joon gets pushed into the water, and then later Jin Pyo.

We Got Married (season 3) – Wikipedia

The Khuntoria couple headed to the beach, where they enjoyed their time snorkeling and shooting wedding photos by themselves due to unsatisfied with the results from the professional photographer.

Later, the Brave Couple receives a mission to go find their newlywed house themselves. The Brave Couple is still working on their picture. Naver News in Korean. Retrieved 25 August For the Brave Couple, it is the first time that So Hyun is meeting her in-laws, with Won Weddnig nieces, which she didn’t even know that he had.

Khuntoria gets on a wedding decorated bus. For the Brave Couple, the nieces are having a casual conversation and even asking how many boyfriends did So Hyun have before Won Joon. So Hyun then has to grant Won Joon’s wish since she was unable to eat some of the spicy pepper that she prepared.

Jang Woo asks Eunjung to cook for the first time at their new house. Continuation of the previous mission, Khuntoria tries their best to be good ‘parents’ to Jordan but is finding it difficult.

Woojung reveals a mobile home as their first house.