From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Speak is one of my all time favorite novels, so to say I was excited to read Wintergirls was an understatement. Everyone else is just blind. The novel sets a terrific dramatic pace. We are inside her head hearing the inner monolog, and I found this fascinating to read about. It is so, so good. Lia and Cassie were always the best of friends. But we don’t quit.

So I shut up. She kind of has a Chuck Palahnuik feel with the repetitions, and vivid, weird descriptions. As written, her character seemed like a spoiled rich brat who was not even kind enough to pick up the phone to speak to the parents of her dead best friend, even when the girl’s mother is begging her. This reads like a manual on how to be anorexic. Was that something that I wanted to read about. Views Read Edit View history.

There are characters in many books that, for whatever reason, are not likeable. I was completely engrossed and I really enjoyed it. This is the book that everybody should read, even to just obtain some understanding of what’s going on in the minds of people suffering from eating laufie. The true nature of anorexia is made painfully clear.

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What do the chapter numbers mean? Anderson has such a way with writing that took me away. Annderson Laurie Halse Anderson. Apr 15, Elizabeth rated it it was ok.

The oaurie in this form was pages, pages with the acknowledgments. The desperation and self-hatred this triggers are set against Lia’s wuntergirls at hiding it from her separated parents, busy mum Dr Marriganselfish father Professor Overbrook and well-meaning but unimaginative stepmother, Jennifer.

Those clever word games are used to powerful effect, from the endless repetitions of Lia’s self-hating mantras to the crossed-out words that give the lie to her own thoughts. Lia believes that if she had picked up, Cassie would still be alive.


Lia is her former best friend who is still battling anorexia, and has to deal with getting weighed weekly by her well-meaning step mother, and also has the guilt constantly in her mind knowing that Cassie had called her. As wintdrgirls reading all books about anorexia nervosa, or people starving for whatever reason, reading this made me want to eat!

And Wintergirls in no exception. She cuts herself not to cause pain, but to let the pain — and the dirt — out. But it wasn’t so, and It isn’t always so.

Lia and Cassie were always the best of friends. Well, you don’t know me and you don’t know what I do or do not know about eating disorders. This is a book about anorexia nervosa mainly. In the end, I think the benefit of breaking the taboo is too important. However, you can obviously still read it This was my first read by Laurie Halse Anderson and I now see why people love her writing so much.

And finally I found myself yelling: But we don’t quit. For some reason that part really stuck out for me, and it was so simple. The obsessive thoughts and messages running through Lia’s head are dead-on. Reread in December This left me so fucked up. Lia’s voice is the voice of an anorexic to a “t”; The anger, the bitterness, the resentment, the cold-hearted carelessness was so true, it’s almost frightening.

The topic is tough, obviously, but the author handled it so so well. You know the book Inkheartwhere two characters have the ability to read themselves and others into the pages of a book?


I love Laurie Halse Anderson. It may not be an original piece, as these tricks have been pulled laugie in teen fiction. If I’m going to devote several hours of my life to follow a character through several hundred pages, I need something to hang my hat on. They saw numbers on a scale, just like she did — only she wanted them to go down, and they needed them to go up. She cuts herself not to cause pain, but to let the pain — and the dirt — out. View all 23 comments.


View all 28 comments. Jul 29, Evelina rated it it was amazing. But if you are in a healthy mindset and looking to either learn more about eating disorders or relate to a book based off of your own experiences, Wintergirls is at the top of my recommendations list.

However, I wish the characters were a bit more solid. It also took me a while to realize she was actually hallucinating and not just day dreaming or fantasizing. I was excited until I realized what Wintergirls was really about: Lia’s fragile efforts to find a way out of her nightmare seem doomed to failure, but there is hope.

I am the wintfrgirls between my thig I ship this book. I was long divided.

Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson – review

Lia is not just anorexic. New Hampshire United States.

By attempting this feat, Anderson has created a nuanced portrait of a teenager locked in a life or death battle. The story opens with her best friend’s sudden death which wintergirs Lia shackled alone, and lost in the gravity of a disease they once shared.