I think you may see more team coverage like what the AV Club has, where no one critic other than maybe Todd V, who is superhuman attempts to keep up with everything. Whatever impact the Chuck letter had was because I hadn’t done that before and also because I made what seemed to be strong arguments. Knowing now that many of the questions and others random things early on never get really touched on before the show ended? Season 2 – Chapter 13 TV Episode. Shonda and company are really putting their all into it this season. On the one hand, that means I can point out things people may not have realized they should be paying attention to, or help differentiate all the new characters during those first three or four weeks it usually takes to learn everybody’s name.

It’s not ideal, especially in the case of Arrested where I won’t be seeing ANY of it before it premieres on Sunday and, because I have a wife and kids, probably before Monday night or Tuesday. Something uncommon that plays a central role in your life, or A truly interesting and unique event. I talk in the book about how Lost came along at the perfect time: In year two, for instance, we open with McNulty on harbor patrol, eyeing the decayed factories along the harbor signposts of the death of blue-collar America that we’ll see played out with the Sobotkas before he and his partner have to give a tow to a party boat full of rich assholes dilettantes turning what was once a thriving site of commerce into yet another place for them to party and enjoy their wealth. Season 4 better really, really live up to the hype or else you can expect a sternly-worded angry email from me, Mr. No one is sadly reviving Terriers, unless Shawn Ryan is able to Kickstarter a concluding movie.

What will it take for Arrested Development to be considered a “success” on Netflix? He’s the kid with the cornrows and the huge smile, and the one who gets tricked into sending Lex to his death. Most shows can’t even get one right.

Read More Posted Apr 12, There can be canned, or at least coerced, studio audience applause, too, and that can be maddening, but when it feels and sounds genuine the way it does here It really does feel like the season has been building to something important between [Earn and Al], and this origin story was aeason of that, in addition to being a bittersweet nostalgia trip in its own right.

Why, oh why, did they use that stupid image of the dog to misrepresent the show. Season 4 better really, really live up to the hype or else you can expect a sternly-worded angry email from me, Mr. I definitely agree that zepinwall is a lot of really great shows on now, but I feel like they all fall a little short of the level that Sopranos, The Wire, Deadwood, and later Breaking Bad and Mad Men, rose to.


And are there any other shows you’ve considered doing that for?

I’ve been so conditioned from reading your recaps to expect the worst for all the characters we care about. I’m waiting for the oncoming train which surely must be coming for that relationship. Love the columns, and obviously the podcast!

‘The Wire’: Links for reviews to every episode

We just finished S2 I don’t know if I should continue trying to get her to watch it knowing that her major question turns out to be a giant red herring. A broad smile crosses [this critics’] face upon thinking about the animated tale of the man who dreamed he was a butterfly or vice versaand how that led into more disturbing explanations of how an innocuous thought can lead to madness.

No, because A that would take away my ability to make jokes about it, and B the show pulled itself out of that spiral so beautifully that I can accept that it’s the blemish on an otherwise perfect face, like Cindy Crawford’s mole. Can’t wait to read your Deadwood S3 stuff this summer! Have you really sequestered yourself from the source material for “Game of Thrones”? This is the future, folks; we need to wrap our heads around it somehow.

Is there ever a time that you just get tired of all the TV especially the crap that you sometimes have to watch and feel like walking away all together, or is this golden age so strong that you are just enjoying the ride? Are you sure it’s not just that the show wanted to use what could be a real phone number without Wire fans bothering anyone? You just broke my force field”. Assuming Breaking Bad’s last 8 episodes are on par with the rest of the series, where do you have it ranking amongst all-time great dramas?

Snoop may have been briefly raised in the salesman’s world and the salesman may have heard of Snoop’s on the news, but they have no common frame of reference beyond that. Without getting sappy, can’t emphasize enough how valuable it was for a top critic to pledge his support for the gem of a show.

Anyway, I just read a section where he talked about how one of the detectives he observed worked previously as a guard for the mayor. How I Met Your Mother: Also also, Loved your book, thanks for thinking way harder about television shows than most people care to. A lot of this season’s political storylines will deal with Carcetti and Royce and Tony Gray trying to raise up Snoop’s Baltimore without ruining the salesman’s in the process.


Read More Posted Feb 1, Have you tried not using the asterisks? Proof should be included in the text of the post when you start your AMA. How do you motivate yourself?

Do you think network TV will ever embrace the cable-like 13 episode seasons as the norm and not the exception?

FX just announced the premiere date for The Bridge, which I’m excited about. As I’ve talked about, comedy seems at once the obvious sequel and yet not perfect because there’s not as clear a throughline, nor a division between past and future.

I first started reading your blogs with Chuck, and have continued since. Alan, After watching “Soft Eyes,” I fully support your point about watching the show in chunks. Newer Post Older Post Home. Herc finished ahead of Carver on the Sgt. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Could such a show survive on modern tv? Also, I hope the discussion stays lively after a week but that’s up to us now, isn’t it?

Not sure what the followup will be yet.

Thanks for doing this! Thanks for your time and keep up the terrific work! I love this show. The design of Casual suggests a show that shouldn’t run forever, but after this season and this finale, Seson be very disappointed if I couldn’t see what comes next.

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As someone who has grilled him a time or 20 about things on Lost that I don’t think worked, I don’t think he should be unassailable. WHY can’t comedy shows avoid this? I feel pretty satisfied with the 12 shows I wound up including in the book.

Off to episode 2. Also, is the increasing popularity of British long form drama via BBC America in any way changing the way US networks are approaching content? Of course, if you do post them earlier, I could just wait a few days to read them.

After three seasons, should we have expected anything different? Alan – loved your book! Read More Posted Apr 11,