The functions to be plotted may be specified as expressions or function names. Toth on May, 30 using texi2html 1. If the keyword is hue, saturation or value, it must be followed by 4 numbers. The labels for the various expressions in a 2d plot with several expressions. An additional optional argument [‘grid, 50, 15] gives the grid number of rectangles in the x direction and y direction. If that option is used, the plot will show that entire range, even if the expressions do not reach all that range. Any valid gnuplot commands may be used.

I like to split them up and apply some indentation to keep things straight. Ranges specific to one of the surfaces can be given by placing each expression and its ranges in a separate list; global ranges for the complete plot are also given after the functions definitions. The values of the options set in each plotting command will have precedence, but if those options are not given, the default values set with this function will be used. If there are more curves or surfaces than colors, the colors will be repeated in sequence. Gnuplot generates commands in the PostScript page description language. This variable stores the name of the command used to run the gnuplot program when the plot format is gnuplot. Used to launch the external program gnuplot, which must be installed in your system. This is an introduction to some of the commands we’ll use.

Plot of a sphere using the transformation from spherical to rectangular coordinates. By default, each plot will be opened in a new separate window. The infinite values of z can also be avoided by choosing a grid that does not fall on any asymptotes; this example also shows how to select one of the predefined palettes, in this case the fourth one:. A plot can also be defined in the discrete or parametric forms.


The second and third numbers can be omitted. Each palette is a list with a keyword followed by values.

The option colorbox is used to show the correspondence among colors and levels, and the mesh lines are disabled to make the colors easier to see.

Note that some plotting options are named equal in both plotting contexts, but with different syntax; if you want to access the draw information related to these options, you have to type??

An example of the contents of a file that can be passed directly to Xmaxima is the following:. Email Required, but never shown.

5. Openmath plots

If legend is followed by the word falseno legend will be shown. A label for the vertical wundow can be given with the ylabel option. Its default value nw “gnuplot”. Openmath can be used either directly or from Maxima, to plot 2d and 3d graphs.

In the form plot3d fThe default value is set term windows “Verdana” 15 in Windows systems, and set term x11 font “Helvetica,16” in X11 windows systems.

The command could have been entered on one line. Each style can be either lines for line segments, points for isolated points, linespoints for segments and points, or dots for small isolated dots. Inserts gnuplot commands before the plot is drawn. When using gnuplot, the colors could be: The default value is enw size 1.

Maxima Manual: 8. Plotting

Christoph I can use wxplot2dbut the option inline isn’t there. The keyword discrete must be followed by two lists of values, both with the same length, which are the horizontal and vertical coordinates of a set of points; alternatively, the coordinates of each point can be put into a list winow two values, and all the coordinates of the points should be inside another list.


Specifies the string that will label the third axis, when using plot3d. The example shown produces a windiw scale plot. The gnuplot command to set the terminal type for the PostScript terminal. The default is pixels wide by pixels high. If you use the draw2d instead of wxdraw2dyou have to close your graph before any changes inside wxMaxima will be recognized.

The gnuplot command to set the terminal type for the SVG terminal. If the keyword is hue, saturation or value, it must be followed by 4 numbers.

Xmaxima Manual: 5. Openmath plots

All of them consist of a keyword the name of plog optionfollowed by a string that should be a valid gnuplot command, to be passed directly to gnuplot. Mgnuplot offers a rudimentary GUI for gnuplot, but has fewer windkw features than the plain gnuplot interface.

Controls the usage PM3D mode, which has advanced 3D features. See the gnuplot documentation for set term postscript for more information. Definition of a function of two-variables using a matrix. The plot of the data points can be shown together with a plot of the theoretical wundow that predicts the data:.

Two surfaces in the same plot. Any additional arguments are treated the same as in plot3d. The gnuplot command to set the terminal type for the default terminal. In gnuplot, each set of points to be plotted with the style “points” or “linespoints” will be represented with objects taken from this list, in sequential order.