I mean come on at least link some stuff the majority of this sub hasn’t seen and give a real feel of nostalgia to those who have. Who would you even argue is the better Western mid laner? But I can see that xPeke is objectively the most successful Western mid laner and I really don’t think any arguments against him being the best can hold much water. And dubbed movies are just absolutely unenjoyable for me. With the french commentaries it’s even better. The best pick would have been Ezreal, but I can not remember if he was banned or not that game.

What are you talking about when saying: Only new model, without anything else. I actually live in the Dutch part of Belgium and we have a culture of not translating anything cause, well, way too little people in the world speak dutch for that to make sense, and it’s caused our entire community to be fluent in English just because we watch our movies in English, do everything on the internet in English, listen to English music, and we have no trouble watching subtitled movies because that’s how we always watched movies, in any language. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. But it’s not specific to french. Preferring english over french in that case is about personal taste, and even if i don’t use it personally the french voices aren’t bad aside from the very old champions which i agree are god awful yes, i’m talking about you rammus.. Tbh I main ori for mid and whenever I’m on a team with other champs that have aoe cc, I typically always hold onto the ult unless an opportunity presents itself on its own.

Jax us a aeason, holding his trophy as a weapon. In previous year they lose to SKT T1. Like almost all other champion skins he gets only new model and weapons. They are professional players so of course you’ll be able to pick out impressive mechanics very often in any given team fight.

SSW Thresh among with a new model received glow, new particles for his attacks and death plus golden souls, new recall animation and sounds. Please click on the link in the mail to approve it. Outside of his dominance at Season 3 Worlds, Zed was also a xpek important pick during Season 4.

It can be a pain in the ass to find original verison in a physical store and you will not find everything, but you can always order them on Amazon anyway They were later proven wrong as Origen announced a 6 man roster with the addition of PowerOfEvil to their roster. After a hard matches, they won tournament with total score This Article will be updated when they announce any new information.


This was such a hype game to watch live!

xPeke stats – S5: KDA, win rate, match history

He has a logo with his shield xpele a trophy on the back. Ori’s ult is much much easier to use as a followup ult than as one that you set up on your own. I don’t get what TBQ was thinking there.

Thein in Semi Finals they met sister team Samsung Galaxy Blueand many peoples thought that this would be a hard match for both teams, but SSW swept their opponent with This however didn’t stop the squad from finishing 2nd in their first ever LCS split as a team. Yeah I remember that. Was played by Looper in the Season 4 final.

Goddamn LBQ played so badly last worlds. Was played by Mata in Season 4 final. This is probably it. And more and more cinemas will have movies in their original version xpekee well. I wish they were still this good. Jinx wasn’t super viable but Tristana was not bad either, and she absolutely could have made that work. Later, in quarter finals Taipei Assassins orianns with a Najin Sword and defeated them with a score. You can buy TPA Dr.

xPeke – Leaguepedia – Competitive League of Legends eSports Wiki

LGD has been a team trying not to relegated since. With strong poke, high tower-taking potential, and a strong disengage ultimate, Azir has one of the most complete kits out of any champion.

Idk what it is with Xpeke but where ever he goes, he always does a huge upset every once in awhile vs some amazing team no one expected them to beat.

As all old skins, this one change only model, no animations or anything else.

sebacapo Best Ulti Oriana LAS

And won a Annie’s ult is like the easiest in the game to land, and Kalista’s isn’t that hard to use. July 30, Only new model for Rengar and his blades. What this category means is a champion will be moved up in the list if they changed the way people think about the game. Orianna’s is pretty difficult to do as well has he did in this clip.

Please enable JavaScript to dpeke the comments powered by Disqus. Or the fact that you can’t even watch original version oruanna movies on TV or in mainstream cinemas, they’re pretty much always dubbed. TSM has, as far as I know anyways, the largest fan-base. So in these qualify matches, that was held JuneFnatic takes 3rd place in the group stage. Even though he had an awful lane against assassins, his unique ult was too hard for teams to deal with. Because he is banned so often, we rarely see great Kassadin play when he is strong.


Finally, Lee Sin and Jarvan IVplayed near the end of Season 2 and in pre-Season 3 helped break the idea that the only mid sseason champions should be ogianna. People judge midlaners too much off mechanics. Want to add to the discussion?

Last 100 games:

Azir in the outfit coloured in colors of the SKT T1. Ori was his best champ at that time.

Riot Games invited eight various teams to qualify for the Riot Season 1 Championshipand Team Fnatic was one of them. Its because they had that it factor, the old guys had so much sinergy and they one of the lineups that pulled the most crazy shit when the tension was high, i remenber the Fnatic bush strat when they where behind and still had the balls to go for a all merry and it cpeke pay off, it was xpekd exciting to see them play, because they kept u watching no matter what until the nexus exploded, the same goes for the old C9 lineup orlanna where the good times.

One of the more recent additions to League of Legends, Azir has been a powerful mid lane pick ever since his release.

The first game of the set was dropped by TPA. Shen hold glowstick instead of ninjatos and have TPA logo all across his back. After her rework, LeBlanc was one of the most popular mid lane champions throughout Season 4 and retained her high status during Season 5 until a weason to the speed of her W.

Then they continued their patch, going with all other teams in the Group Stage.