Even though I expected it too, it still drove me insane I was watching it while it was airing. Wang Family – 50 Still airing. A Thousand Kisses 50 eps. Check out the ‘On-Air Drama Discussions’ section of the sidebar. There are about 10 actors who are in both. Here is a weekly schedule.

But then later on my family were watching it too and i started to get relli interesting and i started liking it haha. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. It has 50 eps. Those were black and white days. In Seoul, he had close ties to the Japanese military police and commanded some yakuza, or Japanese gangsters, as well. Part 1 Episode , performed by Ahn Jae-mo as Kim, is based on how Kim came to be a triad leader around the Jongno area during the days when the country was invaded by the Japanese.

Now, people stab each other in the back over nothing. I only chose the ones that I have finished. The power of Joo Won sure did help me finish this drama. What are your favorite long series 30 episodes or more Korean dramas?

The whole drama was split into two parts. How could I say no? Posted July 5, Rustic Period is a episode drama based on the life of a mystery — Kim Doo-han A Little Love Yainisdae Hurts – my first long series kdrama. Great heart and comedy at the same time. One stood on the side of the rulers and the other did not. Check out the ‘On-Air Kprean Discussions’ section of the sidebar. Add and Subtract Game.

The old man gives a short grunt to the newcomer, who takes a seat at a nearby table, waiting for his turn to be heard. I love it,It makes me wanna dance. Korean people needed heros in those days, they needed hope, and the gangsters filled that role. Against this backdrop, his genuine character is graphically portrayed in various ways in this drama.


When the reporter gives his age, everyone at the table nods. Snorting, the old man shakes his head. It’s light-hearted, which I prefer to the heavy stuff like Seo Young is. Japanese soldiers were still guarding government buildings at that time, awaiting the arrival of American soldiers. I enjoy playing, “I saw them in the other drama!


Click here for a guide on how to tag spoilers in comments. Part 1 of the drama contains lots of fighting along Kim’s path to drmaa a triad gang head, which is also unusual for Korean dramas in such a set up.

In a while, a third man appears at the table, greets the old man with a bent-to-the-waist bow. One of the best revenge stories in a Kdrama and some memorable acting performances.

Upon arrival, he went to work for a Japanese trading company in Pildong. Click here for our guidelines, templates, and what information you should include in On-Air discussions. The old man in the fedora listens to the talk, sipping now and then kirean a glass of water. Policies on recommendations, On-Air discussions, OSTs, encouraged topics, and discouraged topics can be found here.


One of the men nods slightly, pulls out a cell phone and disappears. But he is so healthy. Old gangsters, it seems, never die. Foreign viewers may find it difficult in catching up without some background information on Kim Doo-han. We only stopped if someone was seriously injured.

For the oyabun, Japanese for boss, there were certain rules. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. By Maetawinz Started September 28, Here is a link to this year’s release schedule. It’s a story about two oldies who fall in love and how their adult children react and adjust to it.

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They belonged to an era that today is bathed in sepia-toned nostalgia. Produced by Jang Hyung-il. Its at episode 34 currently and not over yet total 50 or so episodes. Where Can I Watch It? Smile, You is a personal favourite. By NileRose Started December 28, See our rules for details on other types of OST posts. But if you marathon it I don’t think it would be that bad. Through his life, he always stood against contradiction deeply rooted in every corner of the society.

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In in his prime, six decades ago, he was known to many on the streets of Seoul as someone not to be challenged. Want to learn more about the images we’ve used and dramas they represent? By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, As the son of Kim Jwa-jin, the Supreme Commander of an army for national independence, he underwent painful life experiences during Japanese occupation of Korea when confrontations between the rightists and leftists as well as political conflicts between the autocratic government and protestors for national democracy were severe.

Mostly he advised people who came to him for help, which he continues to do. Here is a weekly schedule. Written by Koreann Hwan-kyung.