All team members will have to fight their own contests, whichever team gets 3 out of 5 matches wins. Not showing any respect for Fujiko, Teleshikova suffers a waza ari. Matsuda follows Yawara afterwards to the Tsurukame Travel Agency. During match intermission, Matsuda interviews the company representatives and tells Yawara that the companies are just using her for publicity and will not allow her to work “normally,” which is overheard by Fujiko, who is saddened to learn that she may be forcing her Yugoslavia dreams on her friend. Yawara arrives at the Saikai College training site and everyone is impressed by her ability except for Jigoro, who calls her ippon “half-assed”. Fujiko calls the Ebitendo judo dorms and is given the false impression that Hanazono is carrying around with women. Sayaka is waiting for her one opening to launch her secret weapon.

Yawara VS Sayaka” Transcription: She makes fun of Tsurukame as a 3rd rate travel company and accuses her of hiding, just like she did at Mitsuba which did not even have a judo team. During Yawara’s absence to Canada, Fujiko makes preparations posters, judo research, uniforms, etc. Like Kojiro, Jigoro predicts that Sayaka will have a tough time against a “huge obstacle” before meeting Yawara. Marilyn’s big boobs do not help, and she loses her debut. Yawara tells Fujiko that she is quitting judo, greatly upsetting her.

Paddy-field is no good against her opponent, and Marilyn is out in an instant as well. Fujiko persists in her attacks and finally scores an ippon win in the waning seconds. Jigoro gives Sayaka encouragement afterwards as well as his autobiography, and tells her that she will become stronger.

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Yawara’s opponent in the wedding practice match is “Canada’s New Hope,” Kristin Adams, who had pulled out of the 72kg division competition at the World Cup due to an injury. Matsuda is getting drunk as he is depressed about Yawara quitting judo he is the only person who knows at this pointwhereas Shinnosuke returns to his old ways by taking out another woman for a date.

She asks Shinnosuke to accompany her to Paris. Nagoromo gets tighter with the Kato Chu director. Fujiko sees the cup competitors at the airport and is completely intimidated, especially by Teleshikova, and is glad she is not competing.

Seeing elbow scrapes on Yawara jawara could be caused by judo exercise arouses Shinnosuke’s suspicion even more.

Jigoro is also upset that the World Cup has no open-weight division, which he believes is counter to the spirit of judo in which skill can overcome strength.


Matsuda echoes similar sentiments. Jigoro still hopes for Yawara to lose, and wants Fujiko to fight with full spirit. She reluctantly suspects that Kojira is training Sayaka. Motivated by her jealousy over Shinnosuke and a yawafa insult from Yawara, Sayaka flips the giant Yuki and is able to pin her for the required 30 seconds as Yuki unsuccessfully tries to maneuver out of bounds.

Yuutenji tries to convince Fujiko to enter Saikai, and estimates her weight at 65 kg about lbto which she objects that she is only 64 kg; Yuutenji says she needs to drop another 3kg for the under 61kg judo class for the All-Japan competition and world championships in Yyawara. However, she is defeated almost instantly when Yawara switches move.

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A Fashionable Judo Girl online Yawara! Sayaka manages to tie the score but is unable to put the finishing touches for a pin, and the match is called a draw by the refs.

They attend the pre-world training camp. In response, Yawara seems to withdraw further until Tamao unexpectedly returns home to tell her that she had heard that Kojiro might have come to see her previous match against Sayaka.

She calls out for him as he walks away, but he does not turn back or acknowledge her. As Yawara defeats epiode opponent, Hanazono and Fujiko try to celebrate together, but they are quickly interrupted by Fujiko’s parents.

She is introduced to yqwara new boss, assistant manager Hagoromo, who seems to do no work other reading newspapers in an abandoned corner area of the office. Wonder if They are Staying” Transcription: On the fourth encounter, Sayaka injures her leg in the fall, allowing Yuki to score the first points in the ensuing encounter.

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Sayaka does not believe him, and Kojiro, who is staying at the Honami compound, continues to insist that he cannot see Yawara right now. When this scheme fails, Jigor fakes an illness and has the Saikai judokas look for Yawara, who throws a Saikai judoka in front of Tamaranch, convincing him of her strength and perhaps opening his mind about creating an open-weight division at the Judo World Cup.

Jigoro reveals that he is never taught Fujiko evasive maneuvers, saying that is not his judo, so Fujiko is on her own as in the previous contest.


At home, Yawara is relieved that Jigoro is not “abandoning” her to be Sayaka’s coach, but is troubled by her omission of not telling her grandfather that she intends to lose at the upcoming public debut match.

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yawzra Sakai College tries to recruit Yawara, but she needs a track record of official matches to be admitted.

Yawara tries to ask her mother for advice, but is interrupted by Tamao’s news that her father might have been spotted in Shikoku; she also tells Yawara that judo did not split up their family, but that she and her husband got together because of judo, and that Kojiro Inokuma “shone most brilliantly when he did judo,” echoing what the others have said. Jigoro calls Shinnosuke a “kazammidori” weathervane for dating so many women.

Sayaka assembles a fake judo team from her rich heiress Seishin School classmates, the idea being that she will take care of all the matches. However, at Shinnosuke’s suggestion that he say “something romantic” episods relax and encourage his girlfriend, Hanazono is able to muster, “Once this match is over, let’s go and have some tea! Yawara tells Fujiko the reasons for her choosing to work for Tsurukame rather than transferring to Saikai University.

In the semifinal, it is Sayaka’s school against Mitsuba College.

A Quick Full Point!! Fujiko, however, is giving Yawara a real challenge, having episodee improved. Sayaka leaves the match “hating” Kim, in contrast to Jody and Yawara’s warm friendship. The judo club members run off to Yawara, seeking her help; she flat rejects them.

The practice match is changed to a elimination aywara, forcing Yawara to participate reluctantly as a placeholder in the match; Yawara is worried that she will miss the bargain sale that she had previously arranged to attend with her friends. Yawara is more concerned about Hanazono passing his Saikai exam than the tournament, and as it yaawara out, he did not pass. Yawara waits more than one hour for Shinnosuke, who had promised to take her out to a graduation dinner, but he is a no-show.