Progressive with a slight pop edge. Prog rock with Carmen Makis great voice leading the way. This is the re-recording. Jack Bruce contributes bass on Turnitover. Mega-rarity originally pressed in copies. Some nice flute, primitive keys and very Indonesian! Both of their albums on 1 CD.

Lots of great flute, sax, guitar and spacey keys. Some of the most unique pieces of work I have ever heard! Features Jon Lord on keys. This CD is out of print and I was lucky to score some copies so you must hurry before its gone for good. Similar to Locanda Delle Fate. Impressions is great dramy prog from similar to Jade Warrior. I love these guys! Two 59 minute tracks!

Sounds remarkably similar to Matraz. Just beautiful all the way around! Voice contains a side-long track. Something really magical sint this record! Great symphonic progressive by both groups.

Has a folk edge to it. Reminds me quite a bit of some Ayreons biggest works. Sms olmadan indir kisa porno rolliks. This CD is out of print and I was lucky to score some copies so you must hurry before its gone for good. Runs a bit over 26 minutes. Great acoustic guitars, pan flutes and percussion. Features Serge Bringolf on drums. Floating and passionate, this is really some great stuff.


Features members of Dungen and Landberk. Jack Bruce contributes bass on Turnitover. Features some really great organ playing.

Zadnarm 2nd has a much harder edge. FLEA – Classic hard guitar progressive from Musically this is more in line with Novela and Starless.

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Energetic folk on electric guitar. A beautiful piece of work this is! Crazy but very good!

Quite complex but has a beautiful side to it as well. Certainly one of the best of the 70s. Reminds me a lot of Matrazs Gritare. Includes both eaint and 5. Not far from Yes. Been out of print for ages. The Stretcher March is the mega-rare 2nd album that was a soundtrack to the film.

Sounds similar to Conventum. Has some great use of sitar so it has a middle-eastern vibe going on. Fans of Magenta, Karnataka and Renaissance will eat this up.

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Maybe Queen meets Yes. I hear a lot of Yes influence in them. Very much like Yes and one of the best cover paintings ever. One of thes best of the new German bands! Saint-Chrone is a live show and Bulldozer a soundtrack.


Porno serin sekreterler ile bakmak. Reminds me of Miriodor. Hemaphrodite erkekler porno videolari bedava. Only a small number of copies available so hurry! Music ranges from King Crimson to Satriani.

Bonus CD consists of previously unreleased live material.