Ash — its good to know that your electricity is finally back. The nature Falak could realise that, looking back. Ours are definitely smarter cleaner etc. And I must say the OST added an entire new meaning to the drama, and vice versa! My first thoughts-so fresh, lovely skin, very petite, super slim like a young girl! Some of the most popular books, Hunger Games, Harry Potter collection,etc were all very different from the books because the screenplay cannot be written exactly the same. But I was looking for a challenge, so I was confused.

Mahira, Sameena, Mohib and even Momina. I never thought a drama would be able to do justice to such deep ideas of spirituality and things but all of the sez team have done an incredible job. G — growth, giving, gratitude. The main theme that i remember that she made a statue and started kind of in love with her creation. God does work in mysterious ways. Well well i am quiet speechless after such a beautiful heartening review where to start from. Are you aware this dialogue was not written by UA, it was added in without her knowledge. How often do we do that?

Bored from break or bored from work? On approved credit through VW Credit Inc. It gave me chills and particular dialogue dil bhi ajab shay hai but i have many favorite selected lines from all your reviews. This is really meehrunnisa and I am beyond shocked. I am sure it took a lot of courage to pick up something so radically different, but all of us are really zarw you took on this challenge — Loved you as Falak!

Some people agree with messages being conveyed and some people hate it. So much fun reading all these posts Afia thanks to you too for sharing these posts are so fun. You bring up a very epieode point about the extent to which we can we hold our media responsible for the various messages that are being put out — surely there is some responsibility on us as viewers as well.

Piyare Afzal by Ary Digital – Episode 19

Aab bechari Maya and OKB ki baari hai. Many hospitals offer some form of tuition reimbursement or loan forgiveness, but these five hospitals do that, and more. If confusion leaves us direction-less, clarity gives us a sense of purpose and direction. Momina did say something right at the end just before the credits but like the show it was lack luster Like Like.


I wonder if he would still remember me: I feel that Mehrunissa should not take the blame for what has happened to her daughter. The bulk of the poem then deals with the journey of the birds that takes them through the seven valleys of Quest, Love ishqUnderstanding, Independence and Detachment fanaUnity vaslWonderment hairaand finally Poverty and Nothingness baqa.

The zaar had given us a time inbetween the rush-hours.

I mean what kind of woman in their right mind would leave a guy like Salman. I know it takes so much courage to go up sometimes and introduce yourself but I think from all of us you truly do have the radar built in.

Anjana Safar Movie Online And Download HD

Every Friday I used to become more stronger person. Yes, Shehr e Zaat has come to an end but for many of us the journey continues! So in a way she can now thank Salman. Loved those last three lines!

Eepisode am really not liking the direction of this ,Umera Sarmad feud has to be over. I will surely be looking into this poem in the near future.

I am not sure why they showed what they showed, about her mom thinking its all her fault and for not raising her child right. She gives and gives mehrunjisa gives. I really appreciated your taking the time to interact with all of us here.

Shehr-e Zaat – Episode 19 – Finale Review

To portray so many personalities and emotions is no small feat. Now she sees His munificence reflected in the verdant trees, the melodious chirping of the birds, the animal quietly lapping away at his milk, and the taste of food — all seem to be lisaan-ul haalsharing in her joy of discovery of the jaa ba ja yaar.


Told him how I was from Isl and had followed his work for a while. I hope you will now continue commenting and I look forward to having you join us in our weekly conversation on ZGH, IA! Another cool and humble celebrity is Saleem Sheikh. Given this scenario, I think the media does have a responsibility to be careful with the explicit and implicit messages being conveyed through the dramas, ads, films, etc ….

Javeria — of course we do not have to agree. I agree with you. I was more than happy that she was shown painting and making toys with her daughter so again not any statement towards arts or any particular discipline the message was not to develop an unhealthy obsession with your own creation and start equating them with Perfection.

Allah gives us all success and talent as and I really think that too is a test ,how we treat others is a test.

For me this serial was about the nani, ama and beti. Many viewers have commented on the unfairness of Mehru being blamed for all that happened to Falak but playing Mehrunissa I felt that was necessary.

Right from the opening sequence, the magnificent shots of the decaying Makli necropolis, each scene has been noteworthy. All of them went through the drill and gave it their all.

Zara Aur Mehrunnisa Full Episode 19 in High Quality 24th March 2014

Her posts were pretty typical of hating on everyone and everything. I become very surprised when I read comments that people did not find this drama to be all that. E is for Expectations — the sort we have from others, which zarq lead to disappointments, anger, heartbreak and rift in relationships, even the closest of ones.