The concert will begin at 8: To start, you enter your work e-mail address and add contacts from your address book who work in your industry. Margie Zohn is a seasoned facilitator, a professional actress, and coach to top leaders in both the corporate and non-profit worlds. I dedicated a recent Boston Globe column to covering this new wave of experimentation, and the impact that it could have on retailers. The eighth annual Midwinter Coffeehouse will be held at 7: Every time you access the Loop app on the phone, you need to punch in a PIN number. It’s less than two years.

Future generations of the app with more advanced features may cost money. The updated term is “native advertising”. This past summer, Frisken, a former Tufts computer graphics prof, released a new version of the software, called Mischief. The company has just 13 employees near the Red Line’s Alewife stop. A discussion with students, parents, and educators will follow the film. Should Transparent Become A Musical?

Shareaholic founder and CEO Jay Meattle tells me via e-mail that he plans to “re-focus my energy on product and distribution. But there’s only space for 30 students.

And the cost of fuel is 30 to 40 percent of operating expenses for most trucking companies. The number one criteria is the strength and intelligence and the fire in the belly of the team you’re investing in. It doesn’t sound like they’re describing yet another smartphone In the old world of publishing, this line-blurring approach would’ve been called an advertorial.

Saturday, October 22nd, 7: The company calls its solution the “Virtual Assistant”; you can listen to some examples here. But the new funding will be used to develop UAVs for commercial uses, she explains, in industries that may include agriculture, mining, oil tc gas production, and construction. Arrive early as space is limited. Austin says that the company has committed to invest “millions” in these internal startups, and if successful, there is significant upside to the entrepreneurs running them.

Keller says he’s currently hunting for office space cinma downtown Boston and in Kendall Square. See the video below.

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By Zcents Kirsner, Globe Columnist. Saturday, May 28th, Barry says she raised a seed round earlier this year, from a group of investors including Hakan Satiroglu, founder of Exponential Techspace in Boston and Michael Silverman, co-founder of The Fancya customer-curated online shop.


The latter would be able to store three to five times as much energy. If you’re trying to improve your relationship with someone, and you are motivated by numerical objectives, you can even set a “score goal” in the app. The free vent will include public speakers, a panel discussion, a 6: The printer head builds the object one layer at a time, resulting in a green vinema piece. Looking for Movie Theaters 16 feb ginacure44, plainville ct During a weekend trip to http: Regan says he used a prototype version of the app last year for guests at his wedding.

If you have never been here before, this is great way to try us. The travel search site’s ambitions are lofty: He says that Fitbit’s first dedicated Boston office will be large enough to accommodate 40 to 50 employees.

The apps are elegantly designed, cibema even just seeing little thumbnail photos of your contacts can help you prioritize which messages you want to cineka at first. Facebook’s local engineers have worked out of both zvfnts Boston and Cambridge locations of Workbar for the last year or so; the Cambridge location, on Prospect Street in Central Square, just opened in May. When I tried the app on 15 random bottles I had at home, it 144 pretty well: The company has just 13 employees near the Red Line’s Alewife stop.

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But this is sort of accelerator-like in that our goal is to milfodr help startups get to product-market fit. But obviously, SplitMyTaxi will need a critical mass of users to make the system work. As to the case issue, Yeung says, “We realized the card stock we used for the preview cards were too stiff, and made it difficult for the entire pattern to lie flat if there was a case with ridges. Though he doesn’t have time to commercialize the product himself, “My greatest happiness would be to see this being used by many, many patients.

Saturday, June 11th, Private Event. Belcher says the company is hiring back-end engineers as well as sales and marketing staffers. At the one minute mark, watch the Versaball pick up assorted chocolates without squishing them.


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Diab tells me that his startup has recruited almost drivers in eastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire who are using the PlowMe app on their smartphones. As we look to the future, it is clear that our company is ready to launch itself into new markets, with new capabilities, new clients and new partners. If the 20th century Navy wanted its subs to “run silent, run deep,” in the 21st century, they want them to “run autonomously, run long.

With both VistaPrint and Staples based in Massachusetts, Moross observes, “There’s a fantastic group of companies in the neighborhood catering to small businesses. We want the folks who are really looking to benefit from what we bring to the table.

A Cambridge startup called Cloze, which launched its website last yearis rolling out apps this week for iPhone and iPad, with the goal of bringing most of those inboxes together in one place.

With Liz Barnez on harmonies and cajon drums!!! Filmmaker Joe Wilson will speak at the screening and a panel discussion featuring local individuals who grew up in rural and small-town environments will follow.

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Ettinger says the estimates could prove useful to sellers, in terms of thinking about the right time to list their home, or for buyers who “don’t want to catch a falling knife. When the hospital fielded surveys and conducted focus groups, Nguyen explains, some families of patients reported that they “felt disconnected from their providers,” especially when English wasn’t their first language.

The site helps customers communicate with a number of “makers” around the country, find one they like, and manage the design process. We are looking for experienced engineers who would enjoy the challenge of building massive globally distributed systems while simultaneously defining the culture and trajectory of our rapidly growing team. The business side of the fledgling company is being run by Andy Palmera frequent Stonebraker co-conspirator.